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product science


Break-through technology platform for highly targeted, application specific products with higher efficacy, low cost, and long shelf life.

Species and Functional Specificity

  • Grow pure, individual strains of organic bacteria

  • Proprietary, low cost two-stage production process

  • Ensures maximum efficacy and consistency of final produc

Ready-To-Use & On-Site Preparation

  • RTU products are applied directly from the bottle to solve common problems in a practical application

  • On-Site products are targeted to large-scale agriculture and waste water customers. Employs patent-pending proprietary methodology to deliver higher performance at significant cost savings

Proprietary Stabilization of Broad Selection of Species

  • Stabilize specific species and formulas for specific functionality

  • Blend strains together and re-stabilize for long shelf life, simple transport and ease of us

Our Bacteria
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