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The many ways that BluePlanet SA can make a difference in the industrial sector


Used by a variety of industrial facilities such as metal fabricators, mining operations, food processors, oil and gas refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants to economically expand capacity, lower maintenance costs, and stabilize waste water systems. BluePlanet is extremely effective at lowering effluent waste (COD, BOD, TSS, H2S), eliminating odors, reducing sludge generation and bring systems into compliance with local regulations.


Industrial Waste Water covers the gambit of issues in terms of dealing with a variety of waste, pollution, and regulations; as well as with the individual problems.


BluePlanet utilizes a proprietary mixture of aerobic, facultative and anaerobic that results in a product with exceptional performance in a broad range of environments, working well in the conditions that exist in grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields. Nothing works like BluePlanet in breaking down hard to degrade long-chain fatty acids, grease and oil.


BluePlanet has been used successfully to remediate oil spills- degrading over 95% of pollution in 8 weeks. Treatment is based on spill’s coverage area and depth of soil penetration. In shallow spills, treatment can be as simple as irrigating with diluted ACF-32 and water, and in deeper areas through injection holes with recycling of BluePlanet through extraction pumps.

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