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BluePlanet SA: Empowering South African Municipalities 

BluePlanet has developed and implemented treatment plans based on the individual needs of major Municipal Sewage Plants around the world. Utilizing BluePlanet, Wastewater Managers have achieved better results in more Rapid Startups and System Recoveries, as well as maintaining Operation Stability. The cost benefits of BluePlanet have proven to generate real bottom-line savings by increasing overall efficiencies and by greatly reducing removal and handling costs associated with sludge, organic solids, and fats/oil/grease, as well as lowering use of polymers and other chemical agents.


  • Reduces Sludge by Up to 40%

  • Degrades Fats, Oils, and Grease

  • Eliminates Odours

  • Reduces BOD, COD AND TSS

  • Improves Effluent Discharge

  • Eliminates Hydrogen-Sulfide

  • Improves Water Quality

  • Expands Operating Capacity

  • Lowers Maintenance Costs

  • Enhances Bio-Gas Generation

  • Stabilizes System


In Commercial and Domestic Wastewater Systems, BluePlanet significantly reduces service time in system clean-out and pump-out of both septic tanks and grease traps, as well as assists in maintaining effluent flow into absorption fields where the systems can be organically and hydraulically overloaded. BluePlanet makes a significant difference in the system’s condition, used on a maintenance regiment, can safe-guard the system, expand the systems life and lower the need for service calls. In failed systems, due to sludge build up and loss of flow, BluePlanet can break down the fats, oil, grease, and restore the system without costly replacement of leach fields and tanks.

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