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Your partner in sustainable BioSolutions to address key issues in wastewater treatment, pollution remediation, agriculture and aquaculture

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Water and soil, not oil, hold the future for humanity

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Breakthrough technology

BluePlanet are experts in formulating and stabilizing a wide range of bacteria strains into specific applications with increased efficiencies.


Blue Planet Products

BluePlanet products are proprietary formulas targeting select bacteria for specific applications and offer easy application in the field.


Proven success

Hundreds of positive, in-situ trials have been conducted in over 35 countries across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions.

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Breakthrough technology

BluePlanet has unique technological expertise able to formulate and stabilize biologically active products targeted to specific applications that can increase efficacy in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental water remediation.

Species Specific Formulas: BluePlanet has developed the unique ability to formulate species-specific bacteria products, representing a paradigm shift in the industry. Unlike our competitors who focus primarily on basic bacillus and pseudomonas strains, our products have a much broader selection of geneses and species with significantly greater capabilities and benefits.

Stabilization Technologies Applied: We have developed the scientific expertise required to stabilize our formulas through the complex methods of biochemical and process technologies. This proprietary edge allows us to selectively grow, stabilize, blend and re-stabilize individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products with long shelf lives.

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