Make your mark on the future of our beautiful blue planet with AqauClean to manage wastewater systems.

Organic solutions aimed at providing an environmentally sound solution for use in manure management which results in the restoration of soil quality and the ultimate result of an increase in crop yields is core to the reason that BluePlanet SA became the African distributor of AquaClean, developed by BluePlanet LLC in the United States.  BluePlanet LLC has invested heavily and consistently in the ongoing development of cutting edge bio-technologies which are aimed at finding innovative ecological solutions which can be applied to the treatment of waste and wastewater in many sectors of industry and agriculture.

AquaClean is a bacterial formulation which has been developed to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste in applications that range from agriculture to aquaculture and wastewater treatment, as well as environmental remediation, and with highly successful  results in-situ trials which have been conducted in over 35 countries across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions, AquaClean is set to become a universally accepted ecological response to damage caused by harmful chemicals across all applications.

Mankind has reached a critical stage where the choice between using chemical treatments in dealing with wastewater treatment or implementing an ecologically sound wastewater treatment will mean the difference between a future where food shortage is a terrifying reality or the investment in a return to natural responses in order to start the process of negating the devastating effects already created by the large scale of toxicity that has been soaking into our ground, rivers and oceans for too long now.

Making a noise about environmental practices is not good enough, we need to take action in order to address the way we manage the wastewater, and with the amount of wastewater produced by virtually every industry, whether it is in production facilities, municipal sewage plants or on farms, an environmentally solution such as AquaClean from BluePlanet SA is an economically sound solution which will go a long way towards expanding food production in Africa, as well as lower maintenance costs while stabilising wastewater systems safely and effectively.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to do anything to protect the future, contact BluePlanet SA to become a reseller today and make your mark on the future of our beautiful blue planet.

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