AquaClean for Industrial Use

The need for industry of all kinds to pay attention to protecting the environment is paramount, and this is one of the areas that BluePlanet SA is dedicated to enabling. We are the African arm of BluePlanet LLC, a major US company that has spent many years researching and formulating biotechnological solutions for use in industry, agriculture and other areas, with the emphasis on helping all areas of industry cut back on the use of ecologically damaging chemical solutions, while also increasing efficiency and, as a result, reducing costs.

We have a product called AquaClean that comes in many forms, and for industrial users it carries a wide variety of excellent benefits. For example, AquaClean can be used to reduce effluent waste, to reduce odours caused by many processes, and to help you get in line with local regulations that may be difficult to meet. At BluePlanet SA we have a proven track record in helping industry in other areas too, such as waste water management, oil and hydrocarbon waste and the treatment and management of septics and grease traps, and as AquaClean is a non-chemical, bacteria- based formulation, it is acknowledged as being safe and effective.

BluePlanet SA is proud to be a leading name in the world of biotechnology solutions, and we have the knowledge and understanding to know what our customers want, and how to deal with specific problems. We are confident that when you use AquaClean you will see improved results and efficiency very quickly, and that you will be impressed with the results and the imminent cost savings too. You can find out more information on the BluePlanet SA website, or you can get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help with any advice you need on the AquaClean range of solutions.

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