Why do some farmers take the time to plan effective manure management systems?

Do you think of manure as waste or as an asset, and why do some farmers take the time to plan effective manure management systems? What are some of the reasons to think about seriously considering treating manure as an asset and to examine your current manure management system?

One of the major reasons farmers will take the time to plan effective manure management is that a biological improvement to soil will provide a better structure and porosity, which in turn, reduces the need for fertilisers and control agents, bringing down the costs of fertilizer significantly.

Roots develop better and are less diseased when a well considered and planned waste management is implemented on any farm. There is also the fact that effective manure management prevents odours while keeping nitrogen and phosphor out of surface and groundwater.

The ultimate goal of manure management is to handle manure in a way that not only improves soil quality, but that avoids pollution and protects your profitability. If you are already asking yourself what the start-up and maintenance of a well planned manure waste management plan will cost, there is a team of experts at BluePlanet SA who have all the answers for you, answers that include the affordability and cost effectiveness of instituting a manure management plan using AquaClean.

AquaClean is the brain child of innovative research, as well as intensive trials carried out by BluePlanet LLC, the American parent to BluePlanet SA, and has been developed to stabilise biologically active products that can be used in many more applications than in agriculture alone.

These successful in-situ trials have been carried out in over 35 countries worldwide, across a broad range of applications, proving that the committed research put into AquaClean has resulted in a fully validated, highly efficient and cost effective product.

The use of AquaClean in agriculture in the effective treatment of manure from swine, cattle and poultry is outstanding, eliminating odour, creating a faster turn-around, improved soil composition and lower handling costs.

Considering that this non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that is safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life, is it not time to consider contacting the BluePlanet SA team to find out how to set your AquaClean manure management system in place?

Please read more here about the application of AquaClean in agriculture and join the movement to a safer, cleaner environment!

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