Who is BluePlanet SA, and how can this team help us with bio solutions for a sustainable future?

In the simplest of terms, which is not easy when you get into the nitty gritty of the technical terms surrounding bio solutions, BluePlanet SA is a proudly sustainable bio solutions company passionate about addressing key issues affecting agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and pollution remediation, as well as assisting clients with drawing up environmentally friendly water treatment plans for each application.

Men of vision brought about a massive industrial revolution in England during the late 1700’s, taking work that had always been done using hand tools and very basic machines and moving it into high gear with inventions such as powered machinery developed for specific industries, building huge factories and taking mass production to a level never known before.

However, these same men of vision did not have a clue about what their industrial revolution would lead to by the 21st century in terms of the destruction wrought on the earth’s natural resources, and the levels of pollution that have changed the course of nature, setting us on a road to a future that will lack water and food.

Not that we can really blame them, they did not know back then what the impact on our environment would be, however, for any industry still carrying on practices that negatively impact our environment, there is absolutely no excuse!

It’s been said over and over again, water is life, and it can be said a million more times as an actual fact, and it is with water that everything begins – a healthy food production level, a complete overhaul of industrial wastewater management practices, the production of seafood through Aquaculture, responsible, environmentally friendly pollution remediation (on an urgent basis!) and environmentally friendly wastewater management at municipal sewage plants!

BluePlanet SA operates passionately on their own vision and determination to face up to the unprecedented challenges we, as the human race, are facing as a result of environmental conservation that has been largely ignored for centuries and production practices by industry that go beyond unsustainable into downright irresponsible and dangerous, to the environment and to humans.

Having 40 years’ worth of experience in ongoing research and development into the production of cost effective and sustainable bio solutions has ensured that any product that comes out of the BluePlanet SA lab is proven in the field, worldwide, and is wholly cost effective.  Cost can no longer be an excuse for turning a blind eye to bio solutions!

If we all throw our hands up in the air and say ‘it’s too late’ then we definitely fall into the category of having no vision, and little concern for future generations and the world they will be living in, if we actually leave anything for them!  Nike probably said it best – Just do it!

It’s never too late to make the change, no matter which industry you represent, however, the onus of the decision lies with you and you alone, and while you are making the decision to look into the affordable bio solutions made available through AquaClean products from BluePlanet SA, bear in mind that the world could well be running out of food by 2023!

These are not scare tactics, its reality and well worth a little research, South Africans alone are struggling to make ends meet with even the most basic foodstuffs due to price increases based on lowered production levels from the agricultural sector, brought about by drought and other natural disasters, the signs are there for those willing to see, and there are ways to make the change, based on solutions developed by 21st century visionaries.

BluePlanet SA firmly believes that its products have the potential to change the world for the better and are passionately committed to assisting anyone who is ready to play their own part in making the whole a lot better.

Join this team in sustainably enhancing global food production and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment to leave for future generations!

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