What is wastewater and why should it be treated before entering our waterways?

To say the least, the effects of untreated sewage and effluent produced by industry create consequences that are far reaching, especially if any flooding allows this untreated sewage to run into our rivers, groundwater and other open bodies of water.  These negative effects reverberate throughout ecosystems that are vital to sustain a healthy balance for the environment and also cause all manner of illnesses in human beings and animals.

The aim of a wastewater treatment such as AquaClean is to remove the bulk of suspended solids, before the effluent is discharged back into the environment; it is these solid materials that, if left untreated, use up the oxygen needed by plants and aquatic life to sustain a healthy balance.

The cost of trying to restore this type of environmental damage is immense on every level, which makes it an absolute necessity of the 21st century to tackle the issue of waste water management right at its source, using environmentally safe products such as AquaClean.

BluePlanet SA can assist you with implementing a sound ecological wastewater treatment plan that will make sure that your industry is playing a vital part in our race for a sustainable future.  Wastewater is water that has been used and contains various pollutants, depending on its source.

There are two major categories of wastewater, one is domestic wastewater and the other is industrial wastewater, each carrying its own share of pollutants into our waterways.  Health problems and disease are the inevitable result of the discharge of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater, which is what has led to a worldwide focus on the true effects of water pollution.

Water pollution caused by the discharge of untreated wastewater, whether domestic or industrial, spreads disease, kills fish and destroys many other forms of aquatic life.  Ultimately, it has a serious impact on all living creatures, negatively affecting drinking water, recreation, fishing, transportation and commerce as well.

Definitely no arguing with its far reaching consequences!  BluePlanet SA is proud to share AquaClean with every industry, from agriculture to municipal sewage plants, industrial plants, and aquaculture, among others; the applications are limitless, and if there is wastewater involved then AquaClean is the most cost effective answer available!

Find out more about what AquaClean can do for your wastewater management plan, or contact the BluePlanet SA team, they will be happy to share their experience and knowledge with you if it means that you are ready to contribute to a sustainable future!

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