What changes are you willing to make in your industry to restore some balance & health to the environment?

If, as Darwin’s Theory states, that “nature only selects those organisms that are best suited to a particular environmental condition, and that Natural selection is an important aspect in the process of evolution, which helps in accumulating and preserving beneficial mutations that increase an organism’s chance of survival” is looked at seriously in our modern context, then it’s easy to see how the damage humans have done to the environment has impacted the survival of all species on our planet!

We have taken a once-abundant planet, perfectly ordered by a healthy environment and pushed it to its limit in being able to sustain human, plant or animal life.

It is our own race to keep industry and technology growing at a rapid pace that has led to living completely at odds with nature. This is what has brought us to the brink of a global food crises, a climate that has changed drastically for the worse, and the destruction of the delicate balance of ecology we need to survive as a species.

We cannot reverse the massive extent of damage done, however, what damage has been done to the environment can definitely be improved for the future, but only through our own efforts – we are responsible for the damage, and we are responsible for repairing as much of it as possible!

This is just one of the driving forces behind the 40 years’ worth of research and development that biotechnologists at BluePlanet have actively pursued, resulting in biotechnology products being introduced into the mainstream of life in order to give us a sustainable future.

Biotechnological products like AquaClean, introduced to South Africa by the team at BluePlanet SA, has been designed for use in multidisciplinary applications, especially those that enhance global food production by increasing crop yield in agriculture and improving health for all, giving us the opportunity to face a healthier future.

A compromised and damaged environment is only going to produce negative results, whether it is in the death of fish, animals, plant life or human life, and it is up to all of us to make the necessary changes.

These changes include using environmentally friendly products like AquaClean in many applications ranging from agriculture, aquaculture, remediation of open bodies of water and municipal sewage plants, to every type of manufacturing industry, in order to restore some balance and health to the environment.

No form of life can grow and thrive in an unhealthy environment, which means that unless we take drastic action, all our technological advances will mean nothing in the face of a planet no longer able to sustain any life at all.

Chemical fertilisers, or chemicals used in wastewater management, or in agriculture, for instance, belong in the age of early industrialism, but, with the major growth in environmental awareness, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the use of products that simply compound environmental damage; this is the age of biotechnology, and it is the only solution to the unprecedented challenges we face in the world we have created.

The explosion of the human population, and the statistics for further major increases in the future, non-sustainable production practices and inadequate environmental conservation could make doomsday movies our reality. A frightening thought to say the least!

Let’s do something about our future now with the help of nature through the use of biotechnology. The team at BluePlanet SA is utterly committed to sustainable global food production and a cleaner, healthier natural environment in which we can all flourish, and they will be more than happy to lead you to bio solutions that make this possible!

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