Understand the positive impact environmentally safe solutions can have on our global food supply chain.

If you need expert assistance in developing and implementing a cost effective waste management system to increase your crop yield and lower your operating costs in agriculture, then BluePlanet has the perfect answer to all your needs, through the use of AquaClean!

Choosing an environmentally safe product such as AquaClean to provide you with a chemical-free, cost effective solution that will make the reuse of wastewater generated by your agricultural activities and processing methods, completely safe, especially in light of the fact that the agricultural sector needs to use more and more water as populations grow – and there is no sector more important than agriculture where it comes to creating a brighter future in terms of food security!

The use of AquaClean in agricultural processes not only increases crop yield, but also saves farmers a large chunk of money that would otherwise be spent on commercial fertilisers!  The team at BluePlanet SA is actively involved in assisting clients to develop and implement the best possible treatment plans, all of which is based on the specific, individual needs of each agricultural client.

AquaClean is an incredibly affordable wastewater product that can be used in swine farm manure lagoons, slaughter houses, compost piles, poultry bedding and Palm Oil Mill wastewater.  As versatile as AquaClean is, it can also be used as a highly effective soil enhancer for crop production, which plays and essential role in the production of healthy crops.

As a non-toxic, non-pathogenic product, AquaClean is completely safe around humans, animals, plants and aquatic life, which serves to maintain a healthy ecological balance in any agricultural process.

In terms of agricultural waste treatments that benefit both the farmer and the environment, AquaClean is a precious commodity despite its affordability, generating faster turnaround times and improving compositing, while at the same time offering superb fertiliser value and lowering handling costs associated with buying commercial fertiliser.

After successful in-situ trials held throughout the world in various climates and conditions, there is no doubt that AquaClean is able to create a biological improvement, providing better structure and porosity in order to increase crop yield significantly.  AquaClean for agriculture is able to stimulate biological activity, increase the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and become more drought resistant as well.

BluePlanet South Africa is committed to assisting industry to continue the move to environmentally friendly waste and wastewater treatment plans based on the firm belief held by this team that products like AquaClean, and others yet to come, have the potential to bring about positive changes in our world.

As the South African distributor for BluePlanet LLC in the US, BluePlanet South Africa is in full partnership with this biotechnology company that has already spent many years on the research, development and production of bacterial formulations created to greatly enhance the process of recycling nutrients and waste for a multitude of applications.

Research is ongoing at BluePlanet, and the future looks even brighter in the hands of pioneers of this ilk, who are fully committed to maintaining a healthy global food supply chain in spite of the massive environmental challenges we are faced with after centuries of taking our natural resources for granted.

Join the exciting world of BluePlanet and play your part in securing a cleaner and healthier natural environment that we can be proud to leave behind for future generations!

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