Treat waste water with environmentally friendly AquaClean for a healthier future.

Our planet is already in deep trouble in terms of the mishandling of the earth’s natural resources, and it goes deeper than the damage done by carbon emissions, the clearing of our forests as well as the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, to name just a few, but not many people realise how much damage is done to our environment by the irresponsible disposal of waste water from industry.

Effluent water (which is the dirty water created by industry) is loaded with inorganic nitrogen and phosphorous, causing long term problems that are far reaching as a result of the heavy metals that are discharged back into our waterways and seep into ground water.  Organic and inorganic substances that are released into the environment as a result of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater lead to organic and inorganic pollution, which is yet another brick in the wall towards a future of global food and water shortages.

BluePlanet SA has introduced a phenomenal, environmentally friendly and cost effective waste water treatment product in the form of AquaClean, a treatment that is able to change the manner in which waste water is treated before being released into the environment.  AquaClean is effective across a wide range of applications and offers a non-toxic, biodegradable and non-pathogenic solution that complies with the strictest of environmental regulations.

The team at BluePlanet SA is proud of the role they are able to play through the application of AquaClean as a way to completely change the manner in which waste water is treated, making BluePlanet SA a market leader in creating an awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly waste water treatments.

AquaClean helps to restore the natural balance, vitality and stability of large natural bodies of water, adding immense value to the conservation of fragile eco systems and aquatic life, and is also highly effective in cleaning up waterways polluted with organic waste, enhancing the biological oxidation of organic compounds that are slow to degrade in rivers, lagoons and lakes.

Visit the BluePlanet SA website for in-depth information about their AquaClean product range and its efficacy across a broad spectrum of applications.

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