The list of applications benefitting from the use of AquaClean in waste management is impressive!

As the African distributor for US based BluePlanet LLC, the BluePlanet SA team are proud of the positive environmental impact that they have already had with the use of AquaClean, which is based on bacterial formulations designed to enhance the recycling processes of waste and nutrients across a broad spectrum of applications.

The result of the role played by BluePlanet SA is that this team is in a position to offer proven, efficient and cost effective solutions to all manner of industries, from wastewater treatment and environmental remediation to sewage plant management and agriculture, among others, protecting the environment while at the same time lowering production and maintenance costs.

In terms of the agricultural sector AquaClean has proven highly effective in the management of manure waste, developing and implementing successful treatment plans based on the individual needs of major agricultural clients.

As a team, BluePlanet SA is passionate about the major contribution that AquaClean has already made towards a more sustainable future in South Africa, and is always more than willing to share that expertise with anyone ready to look at environmentally safe waste solutions.

AquaClean not only offers an environmentally safe manure treatment product, but as a result offers soil enhancement in crop production, lowering costs in terms of the need for fertilisers significantly in agriculture.

In industrial wastewater management systems, AquaClean is unbeatable in terms of breaking down hard to degrade long-chain fatty acids, grease and oil.  Although industrial wastewater covers a wide range of issues where it comes to dealing with a variety of waste, pollution and regulations, AquaClean is highly effective across all industrial sectors.

These industries range from facilities such as food processors, mining, oil and gas refineries to the pharmaceutical industry, including the successful use of AquaClean in remediating oil spills.

AquaClean is innovative, ecologically safe and cost effective; the proof is in the highly successful in-situ trials carried out in over 35 countries worldwide across a broad spectrum of applications.

Consider the savings you are looking at, no matter which industry you represent, and the implications for a sustainable future that BluePlanet SA offers and contact the team for expert advice on how to make AquaClean an essential part of your waste management plan!

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