The bottom line about cost effective solutions to sludge build-up in any application.

Take a look at any pipe that is continuously used to pump out effluent water at any manufacturing facility and imagine how much sludge is built up over time with the constant flow of any phosphates, ammonia, suspended solids and COD, and it will make sense to you that the longer it takes to keep the pipes clean, the less effectively they will work.

This is how sludge builds up, it even happens in our washing machine pumps and pipes, or in pipes that carry our dish water and bath water out into drains, and we all know how expensive it is to replace any vital pipes, not to mention what this type of ‘dirty’ water can do to any type of drain.

Looking at this on a far bigger scale it is easy to see that if a plant is producing chemicals for instance, is going to have a build-up of sludge that is not only toxic to the environment, but also damaging to major pumps and pipes used in the operation.

This is where the slow build-up of sludge can cause a slowing down of production and the flushing of wastewater, ultimately resulting in breakdowns, where loss of production time and expensive replacements become a focal point.

All industry produces waste and wastewater, but, how each looks after the build-up of sludge in their wastewater management systems will determine whether they save or lose on costs, which is where BluePlanet SA comes to the rescue with their biotechnologically produced AquaClean.

Aside from the fact that AquaClean is a cost effective product, it is also a solution that can improve the operating function of all facilities, whether it is in the pharmaceutical, motor, oil and gas or food production sector, to name just a few.

The team at BluePlanet SA work with both individual and major clients in order to create environmentally friendly wastewater management plans, which, at the bottom line, have a direct negative impact on our environment, caused by the wilful release of untreated wastewater into waterways, dams, rivers and our oceans.

Our planet is no longer whispering about the damage we are doing to it, it is going into active revolt against unsustainable practices in all industries.  In agriculture, Mother Nature is bringing her full force to bear against the use of chemical fertilisers and the use of other chemicals by simply cutting the production of healthy crops down to a frightening level.

This is where the fear surrounding the global food crises has started, aside from the fact that no crop can survive in an unhealthy environment, and it is a very real crises we are facing.

The effects of untreated wastewater squeezed through pipes that are blocked almost to capacity by sludge, irrespective of the industry, are contributing to this crises, without thought for anything other than production to meet the demands of a population explosion.

Mechanical pumps or manual pumps are simply not good enough to keep up with the build-up of sludge, these are measures that are outmoded and far more expensive than what an environmentally friendly product like AquaClean can offer, especially in terms of breaking down difficult to degrade microorganisms in sludge.

Not only that, working with the team at BluePlanet SA isn’t just about desludging, it is also about keeping pipes and pumps free of sludge build-up for a longer period than manual or mechanical desludging can.

Sludge builds up anywhere there is water present, not just in industrial wastewater, but also at the bottom of fish farms and other natural bodies of open water – in fact, anyone from a farmer to a car manufacturer is going to have to deal with the build-up of sludge somewhere along the line, sooner or later.

Wherever you are dealing with sludge build-up, there is a remedy at hand, if you call on the experience and knowledge the team at BluePlanet SA offers and will gladly share with you, in the form of environmentally friendly AquaClean.

They can introduce you to bioremediation and desludging that will have a positive impact on our environment at the same time as you save time and money!  It’s an irresistible proposition well worth pursuing, as in today!

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