Taking the easy route to wastewater management has left our environment in a mess; time for change!

…..And BluePlanet SA has brought that change to South African the form of AquaClean with great success, to do just this, along with the knowledge, experience and skill necessary to carry out site inspections, create tailored wastewater management systems and carry them out with a dedication and commitment that is clearly evident in all their case studies to date – just contact the team at BluePlanet SA, they will be more than happy to share them with you.

AquaClean, developed and produced by parent company BluePlanet LLC in the United States, is so species specific in its formula that it can be used in a large range of applications and offer proof that bio-solutions to waste and wastewater often exceed the expectations of treatment carried out with knowledge and skill by the team at BluePlanet SA!

For agriculture, the benefits range from treating manure from pigs, cattle and poultry to eliminate odour, create a faster turn-around, lower handling costs and more!  Because AquaClean biologically improves soil, giving it better structure, the need for expensive fertilizers and other control agents becomes a non-issue.

Industry, in all its shapes, sizes and production methods, create effluent, which, if not treated correctly or left untreated, makes its way into the environment causing damage, leaving destruction in many forms in its wake.

What BluePlanet SA does is to create workable, effective bio-remediation management system for industrial wastewater, which covers the full spectrum of issues to deal with in terms of the variety of waste and pollution, taking individual problems and turning them into success stories for our beautiful Africa and the world as a whole!

Species specific bacteria products that form part of the AquaClean range include the professional AquaCulture Formula, Multi-purpose formula, Sludge Abate, Bacteria for treating Sludge and Cellulose, Soil-Fix, Macro/Micro Nutrient Formula and Soil Fix, to name a few.

BluePlanet SA resellers are growing throughout South Africa, along with the reputation for ethical, above-board business practice earned by the team at BluePlanet SA as a whole. With their concerted and combined commitment to starting with the fundamentals of protecting our environment by innovating wastewater recycling and the remediation of polluted waterways, the change has begun in many areas already.

These fundamentals are all connected completely to the desperate need we have to protect food security in the face of the increasing population, which makes what BluePlanet SA does by starting at the root of what needs to be done for soil and plant remediation; changing the way that industry treats waste and wastewater!

Extreme weather changes didn’t just arrive on one day with a flash, the signs simply grew, year by year and this generation, and those to follow, face far greater challenges with the environment than ever before, making bio-technology developed by BluePlanet the environmentally friendly bio-solution that can make the change safer, sooner rather than later!

If we are brave enough to acknowledge our role as human beings in the breaking down of our environment and the damage done to essential ecology, then being brave enough to take a giant leap from outdated, ineffective wastewater systems, to tailored bio wastewater management will seem like a tiny step, a step that gives the human race the chance to breathe a little easier about the challenges we face!

Take a look into the research that has gone into AquaClean, the background of BluePlanet SA and straight-forward information about the various targeted products, and then give the friendly team a call to discuss your giant leap into changing the way you look at your recycling system!

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