Stabilise waste water systems in the Industrial sector with an ecologically safe treatment system.

Industrial wastewater is the effluent that is discharged by manufacturing processes and commercial businesses, which contains rinse waters that include residual acids, plating metals and toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

No matter what type of industry you are involved in, whether big or small, your processes will produce dirty water (effluent) than must be cleaned as safely as possible in order to reuse it or discharge it safely back into the environment.

Because some of this water may be discharged to rivers, the ocean or to groundwater that is beneath the surface of the land, it is essential for any industrial or commercial enterprise to treat wastewater properly in order to avoid diseases and health problems that can occur from discharging untreated or inadequately treated wastewater.

BluePlanet SA is proud to offer an ecologically sound solution with the development of AquaClean which can be used by a variety of industrial facilities, including metal fabricators, mining operations, oil and gas refineries, food processors as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants in order to expand capacity economically, lower maintenance costs and stabilise wastewater systems.

With AquaClean we offer you a solution that is extremely effective in lowering effluent waste (COD, BOD, TSS & H2S), eliminating odours and reducing sludge as well as bringing your systems up to standard in terms of compliance with local regulations.

BluePlanet SA is committed to bringing about positive results in terms of changing the serious impact that pollution has on all living creatures by creating treatment plans using AquaClean to cover the full range of issues relating to dealing with waste, pollution and regulations, as well as offering solutions to individual issues.

Using a proprietary mixture of aerobic, facultative and anaerobic organisms, AquaClean produces exceptional performance across a broad spectrum of environments, working well in grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields as well. There is nothing that breaks down hard to degrade long-chain fatty acids, grease and oil the way that AquaClean does!

Please visit our website to see for you just how much BluePlanet SA has to offer in terms of what AquaClean is capable of, including the ability to successfully remediate oil spills. Our team will guide you with expert advice on how to use AquaClean to benefit your industry economically.

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