Save on operating costs in agriculture & increase crop yields with bio-solutions.

Profits can go up and operating costs can go down in the agricultural sector by implementing an environmentally friendly approach to everything from manure to crop yields.

The idea that taking an environmental approach to farming is expensive is a myth, one that has been completely debunked by BluePlanet SA through the use of efficient, cost-effective AquaClean.

Not only is AquaClean cost-effective, but it is also completely safe for use around animals, humans, plants and aquatic life, all of which goes a long way towards protecting us from the projected food scarcity the entire human race is facing in the not too distant future.

In fact, we are already in trouble in terms of food security, whether in South Africa or globally, and it is this reality that has driven BluePlanet SA to spend many years in research and trials to deliver a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that can avert complete destruction of food production.

BluePlanet SA works with a multitude of agricultural clients in developing and implementing treatment plans designed to meet the individual needs of all farmers.

How does AquaClean assist with lowering agricultural operating costs?

  • Manure management:

Manure is an asset that can be used very effectively if it is handled in a way that improves soil quality, provided that it is managed in an environmentally friendly way that avoids pollution of the soil.  The right manure management plan can dramatically reduce the need for fertilisers and other control agents.

Lowering your reliance on fertilizers by developing an effective, environmentally friendly manure management system not only lowers operating costs, but it also improves the structure and porosity of the soil.

It is in this kind of soil that the roots of crops develop better, while the crops themselves are healthier and far less prone to disease.  As soil degenerates, crops begin failing, creating a downward spiral in the production of food, which puts more pressure on food production.

AquaClean is a highly effective treatment that is used across the board in agricultural manure management, eliminating odour, improving soil composition and creating a faster turn-around for manure from swine, cattle and poultry.

If nitrogen and phosphor from manure are kept out of surface and groundwater, it is not able to impact the quality of soil negatively, which means that soil will remain healthy enough to significantly increase crop yields.

  • Plant growth and crop yields:

If manure is managed correctly, removing damaging fertilisers and insecticides, the ability of crops to absorb nutrients, resist drought and other stressors that impact the health of crops will improve significantly, positively impacting the quality of crops and soil for a healthier future; and it costs a lot less!

  • Composting

AquaClean is a proven method of treating organic waste from farming practices and food processing in an environmentally friendly way, providing farmers with a safely treated organic fertiliser at a cost that is a far cry from what traditional fertilisers cost.

Again, the use of AquaClean in treating this organic waste contributes to improved nutrient composition, improved settling and a far longer bedding time than is usual.

The team at BluePlanet will be happy to tell you more about how much has gone into proving the value of AquaClean in the agricultural sector. All it takes is one call, or an email, to find out more about how to save on operating costs and increase crop yields!

Today is as good a day as any other to seriously consider the role that you, as a farmer, play in the survival of future generations.

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