Reverse the damage done to our environment through chemical wastewater treatments with BluePlanet SA.

Every industry produces effluent which needs to be treated safely before it can be reused or discharged into our environment, yet many of these industries cling to extremely damaging processes for breaking down waste with chemicals that already been proven to have caused immense damage and strain on our natural resources, making it a matter of urgency to change to ecologically safe treatment solutions in order to reverse damage already inflicted and to protect the future of our natural resources.

AquaClean, developed and manufactured by BluePlant LLC in the US has tasked BluePlanet SA with the responsibility of changing these damaging practices in Africa by distributing treatment plans for various applications in the form of AquaClean. Innovative and on the cutting edge of the biotechnological field, BluePlanet SA has made it affordable for those involved in manufacturing processes, commercial businesses, agriculture, aquaculture and sewage treatment, among others, to give back to the future of humanity by implementing ecologically safe waste treatment plans using AquaClean.

Residual acids, plating metals and toxic chemicals produced by industrial processes are all discharged into our environment in one way or the other, whether it is into rivers or the ocean and groundwater, and if toxic treatment plans continue to wreak havoc on our already fragile environment then we are headed for nothing short of the final meltdown of our beautiful planet.

Current class action suits and others that have been won successfully in the past is proof positive that an ecological solution such as AquaClean from BluePlanet SA is essential not only to the health and safety of human beings, but also to securing a less frightening future in which global food shortages will become a reality and not just something out of a science fiction movie.

The team at BluePlanet SA would like to show you just how effective AquaClean is as an ecologically safe waste treatment plan, as well as how much strain you can take off an already damaged environment with your commitment to safe environmental practices.

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