Restore the natural balance to South African rivers & lakes safely with environmentally friendly AquaClean!

BluePlanet SA has already cleaned up many rivers, dams and other open bodies of water throughout South Africa, proving over and over again that their product, AquaClean, is a highly efficient, environmentally safe and affordable solution for areas that have suffered major effects from pollution.

AquaClean restores the natural balance in lakes, dams, lagoons and rivers by enhancing the biological oxidation of any slow-to-degrade organic compounds or materials causing damage to the environment in and around any open body of water.

The damage that BluePlanet SA is now working to clean up in South Africa has been caused by century’s worth of organic pollutants from industrial effluents and waste from farms, as well as domestic and sewage pollutants that have been discharged into our groundwater and fresh water systems without a thought for the future.

This is not the kind of environmental damage that can be seen easily with the naked eye, it has taken many, many years to build up to such an extent that large bodies of water slowly become smaller and, due to the damage done to aquatic life, plant life and even human health, less able to provide life-giving oxygen.

What BluePlanet does using AquaClean to clean up any waterways that are polluted with organic waste, is to move in to quickly and efficiently to restore the ability of these natural bodies of water to support healthy aquatic life, restore the damage done to ecosystems in the surrounding areas, as well as restoring open bodies of water that were previously declared unsafe for recreational activities.

The non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable and non-pathogenic qualities of AquaClean comply with the most stringent of environmental regulations worldwide, and, as the African arm of BluePlanet LLC, the US parent company of BluePlanet SA, this team is determined to bring their vision of an environmentally safe future to life by assisting clients, which include many municipal entities, to draw up cost-effective and efficient treatment solutions using AquaClean to restore open bodies of water.

One of the major contributors to the organic pollution of our waterways is the agricultural sector, and, as the demand for food production soars and the population keeps growing, this is only going to get worse, unless the agricultural sector makes a wholesale effort to introduce environmentally friendly treatment plans designed for the waste produced by their specific sector of food production.

AquaClean has worked wonders in managing run-off from slaughter houses, swine farm manure lagoons, compost piles, palm oil wastewater and poultry bedding, to name just a few agricultural applications perfectly suited to AquaClean.

The benefits to agriculture in terms of increasing crop yield, as a result of the biological improvement to soil treated with AquaClean also cuts down on costs, reducing the need for expensive fertilisers – all of which contributes to a future a lot more secure from global food shortages!

Another major contributor to the polluting of our open bodies of water is industry – irrespective of the sector represented, whether it is food production facilities, pharmaceutical plants or oil refineries, the danger posed by effluence that seeps into groundwater and then makes its way into our rivers and lakes before reaching the ocean cannot be stressed enough.

The variety of applications that benefit from the use of AquaClean is far greater than mentioned here, making it well worth your while to chat to the team at BluePlanet SA for information that would set you on the right path to a sustainable future, in fact, you are more than welcome to speak to them about joining their growing network of dealerships too – if the future of our planet is important to you, either of these options will make your contribution a meaningful step in the right direction!

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