Protect the future of food safety by using ecologically safe agricultural waste solutions from BluePlanet SA.

Blue Planet SA offers a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio product which is safe for all, humans, animals, plants and aquatic life, in the form of AquaClean Thoroughly researched and developed over many years by the biotechnologists at US based BluePlanet LLC, offering an authentic ecological solution for use in poultry bedding, compost piles, palm oil mill waste water and more to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste in the agricultural sector, AquaClean is the future of waste treatment.

AquaClean is also used as a safe soil enhancer in crop production, which means that not only will waste water produced by various agricultural practices be made safe for re-use, but that in a climate where food shortage is a reality, the production of crops can be expanded to meet the growing demand.

The need to protect our natural resources is immense and the choice of agriculturists to use ecologically safe and sound practices in food production should become a way of life across all forms of agriculture, the sell-by date for the use of ecological solutions has already been reached, which makes it essential for agriculture to completely rethink the use of toxic solutions.

The challenge that the human race is facing is immense with statistics that show global food demand doubling its current level in the next fifty years, which is not hard for us to measure in the human context of our lifetime, meaning that agriculture holds the future of humanity firmly in its hand.

The sustainability of agriculture and its accompanying ecosystems in a way that will not compromise either humans or the environment has reached a critical point in history, and the team at BluePlant SA is proud to be part of an ecological solution for agriculture as the African distributor for AquaClean.

AquaClean has not been developed by BluePlanet just to focus on agriculture, but is perfectly suited for a variety of other applications from aquaculture to industrial and municipal industries; and if you would like to part of the solution to the environmental damage caused to our beautiful planet, please contact the friendly team at BluePlanet for expert advice.

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