Promote a healthier, sustainable environment well into the future with AquaClean from BluePlanet SA.

With the natural resources of earth being depleted at a rapid pace, resulting in the ‘Greenhouse effect’ stemming from the emission of certain gasses trapping heat in the atmosphere and raising the temperature of the planet to dangerous levels, BluePlanet SA is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that will slow that pace significantly into the future.

Unless human beings become actively involved in finding non-toxic, environmentally safe and sound solutions aimed at eliminating the harmful use of chemical solutions applied to industrial processes, agriculture, aquaculture and sewage management practices, we will not have the need to protect our already fragile environment.

The sustainability of food production is a massive challenge, and if the demand for food increases as it is projected to, it is time that chemical solutions in agriculture are set aside completely.  Food safety and sustainability can only become a reality when agriculturists make a combined effort to ensure the sustainability of agriculture and its fragile ecosystems by implementing ecologically safe agricultural practices.

BluePlanet SA is proud to be part of the solution with the development of treatment plans that are safe for the environment with the use of AquaClean, which is a system that has been developed to meet the individual requirements of all agricultural sectors.

AquaClean is successfully used in the management of swine farm manure lagoons, slaughter houses, poultry bedding and compost piles, providing a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that is safe in the proximity of humans, animals, plants and aquatic life.  Considering that every industry creates wastewater that either seeps into the soil or flows into our ‘clean’ water systems, it is essential that we look at safe solutions to protect our earth and our health , and safe waste water management is a major contributing factor to the future of food sustainability.

If you are ready to change your approach to manure management, composting and soil enhancement, then BluePlanet SA is the team to contact for results achieved with AquaClean that are proven and efficient.  BluePlanet SA has a solution for your industry that is aimed at promoting a healthier, sustainable environment well into the future.

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