Only environmentally friendly wastewater systems can stop the depletion of oxygen in our rivers & oceans due to pollution.

We have all heard of ‘red tide’ and the warnings that come with its appearance around any coastal area in South Africa not to eat fish that washes up during a red tide, however, although not all red tides are harmful – if they are part of a natural cycle occurring at specific times they can also act as a major source of energy that feeds the intricate ocean food web – when red tides are out of sync with normal cycles and become bigger each time they manifest,  the danger to all forms of life, stemming from oxygen depletion, is a signal that we are definitely allowing the free flow of harmful effluent to starve our oceans.

To give an idea of how easily this can begin, it starts with the release of harmful toxic waste and chemicals discharged by industry into groundwater. From there, this effluence makes its way to the closest river or waterway, and from there, into our oceans, beginning a process that, if left unchecked, can ultimately lead to a complete loss of oxygen for all forms of life.

This is not a doomsday statement but one that is very real; our oceans, rivers and lakes are dying, and it is never too soon to do all that we can, each in our own capacity and industry, to stem the tide of this destruction.

When Harmful Algae Blooms, commonly known as HAB’s, stretch over increasing areas of the ocean, the powerful toxins produced will kill fish and shellfish, animals and birds, as well as increase the risk of illness to people.

Marine ecosystems that have been completely compromised by the death of masses of algae can completely deplete oxygen in any body of open water due to the decaying process, which ultimately leads to the death of animals in the area and the knock-on effect this has on all forms of life surrounding the area.

It is very sad that in the 21st century so much time is spent trying to repair the damage done to marine life and sensitive ecosystems due to the irresponsible discharge of untreated industrial effluent, and, the only way to begin to make headway in cleaning up our mess is to take an environmentally safe route to reclaiming our oceans and rivers, starting with eco-friendly waste systems.

BluePlanet SA has developed ground-breaking, affordable microbiological solutions like AquaClean, which are products formulated to target select bacteria for specific applications, covering everything from agriculture to aquaculture and industry, municipal and environmental management, as well as hazardous waste and the remediation of pollution.

The bacteria formulas in AquaClean are grown and stabilised for long shelf-life, formulated to make it easy to apply in the field, proven successful during in-situ trials that were carried out on a broad spectrum of applications in over 35 countries worldwide.

Although AquaClean can be applied directly by clients according to their own wastewater management systems, the team at BluePlanet has successfully worked with many high profile companies in various industries to create environmentally friendly wastewater management plans that are a cost effective solution to protecting our natural resources.

As we see the painful impact of centuries worth of disregard for the environment in the effects of global warming, do we really want to contribute to starving our planet of even more oxygen by ignoring the fact that change has to come now, later is going to be too late, especially with the explosion of the world’s population and the dire warnings about the sustainability of global food production!

Join the team at BluePlanet in their fight to change the way that effluent and waste is managed to create a safer environment for the future – find out more about the many years this team has dedicated to cutting edge biotechnology, and their ongoing research into being at the forefront of creating a better world for the generations to come.


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