Make your mark on the future by using AquaClean for the ecological treatment of waste.

The time for adequate is long past, our planet needs an exceptional and immediate response to the use of damaging chemicals in the recycling of waste and nutrients in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.

It is precisely for this reason that BluePlanet SA has become the African distributor of AquaClean, offering the most innovative biological response to combating damaging outdated practices in agriculture, industry, and aquaculture as well as wastewater treatment in Africa. Every industry produces waste and each of these industries has used chemicals throughout history with which to treat waste, the very unfortunate result of which is reflected in the virtual meltdown of the earth’s natural resources.

There is no time left to simply think about changing these outdated practices, it is time to take aggressive action in order to start having an impact on our dangerously compromised environment and to change the future for mankind from one of fear for the future of food sustainability and availability of safe water.  BluePlanet is very proud that AquaClean has brought positive proof of success across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions in over 35 countries with in-situ trials, driving us towards constant research and development in the field of biotechnology.

Cutting edge development and production of targeted bacterial formulations aimed at the enhancement of the recycling processes of waste and nutrients in applications across the board has made BluePlanet the number one supplier of the ecologically safe treatment plans available through the use of AquaClean.

We have made sure that cleaning up our act and planning for a sustainable future with sound ecological solutions is affordable and easily accessible through our many resellers in Africa, encouraging a rapid response from industry to put sustainable ecological practices at the forefront of their agenda.

Make your mark on the future by contacting BluePlanet SA today!

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