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Do you know just how important Aquaculture really is in our modern world?  If you don’t then it is well worth doing a bit of research into the health benefits of seafood and the environmental benefits that are a spinoff of well managed Aquaculture!

Seafood has been found to be a healthy food to add to our diets if we are to beat the increase in cancer, cardiovascular disease, and can also have a positive impact on sufferers of Alzheimer’s. The fact that red meat has been found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol, among other health related issues, has increased the reliance on seafood, however, there are many areas in South Africa that do not have access to fresh fish, which is also where Aquaculture helps to make it accessible and cheaper for any region that relies on the transport of seafood products from long distances.

In one report, it is estimated that Aquaculture accounts for about 13 percent of world fish production, a whopping 10.2 million tons that we need to look after very carefully, especially in light of the struggles against drought conditions that South African agriculture is currently facing!

Because of the spotlight that has finally become one that is glaring in its brightness, environmentally safe practices are strictly monitored by trained inspectors in order to ensure that disease transfer in the water is reduced and kept under strict control in Aquaculture.

Aquaculture also helps with reducing our need and reliance on wild stock, protecting their numbers for the future, adding this to the environmental benefits of Aquaculture, which most often takes advantage of harvested runoffs, surface water and storm water.

A note about this use of surface water and storm water:  if industry is reckless in terms of how they manage their wastewater systems, it not only affects the agricultural sector, but will also ultimately have a negative impact on Aquaculture.

It is for these and many more reasons that BluePlanet SA has committed many years’ worth of research, development and in-situ trials into biologically safe methods that can be used in wastewater management systems across a broad range of applications, including agriculture, industry, municipal sewage plants and of course, Aquaculture, which has resulted in the effective, ecologically safe and affordable AquaClean product range!

BluePlanet SA has developed AquaClean for the enhancement of water quality and the growth rates of shrimp and fish in Aquaculture, effectively cleaning up organic waste problems while at the same time proving its cost efficiency in comparison with alternative treatments, increasing the yield and lowering mortality rates.

The job of AquaClean in Aquaculture is also to reduce ammonia and nitrogen waste build-up, improve water quality, reduce the need to top off and also help to meet down-stream pollution requirements.

Sludge reduction and yield improvement is also on the list of excellent reasons to look into what AquaClean can do to increase a healthy production in Aquaculture and allow for faster turnaround times between harvests.

Considering that water and food shortages are at the top of the list in terms of what we need to focus on in saving our future, how high on your list are bio solutions that hold the future for humans?  Put it at the top of your list today and make your mark on tomorrow with the team at BluePlanet SA!

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