Make a cost-effective investment in a greener future for South Africa with the team at BluePlanet SA!

If you are ready to make a cost-effective investment in the future of a greener future in South Africa, then the first step you can take as an industry leader is to look at how effluent (dirty water) and waste is managed in your industry sector.

If you look at the way that effluent and waste is treated at your facility, and the costs of doing so through the use of chemicals, or in the case of farmers, through the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, you will more than likely find that things like sludge build-up at inlets and outlets alone add significant costs when it comes to having to replace anything used in these processes.

Looking at it from an environmentally friendly perspective is the complete opposite of this, and the team BluePlanet SA has been able to prove it in-situ in many of their case studies.

Once BluePlanet SA starts on a remedial project for you, you will have the blueprint for a far more cost-effective solution to managing effluent and waste efficiently, with maintenance costs lowered along with operating costs in the process.

In fact, do yourself a favour by contacting the team at BluePlanet SA for the results of some of their case studies, it will certainly be an eye-opener!

Every part of what your industry does to produce anything is just a cog in the wheel of its success or failure, and when any of those cogs is not operating at full capacity, even a simple thing like an outlet pipe, the rest of your processes have to work even harder, and, in any type of production facility, whether you are producing cars or food, the breakdown of just one piece of machinery can cost major production losses.

If you are in aquaculture, the quality of water in your fish farm has to be up to standard so that the growth rate of shrimp and fish is not compromised and that they have a higher resistance to disease. There are many different types of treatments that can be used to enhance water quality, but none that come close to the cost effectiveness of environmentally friendly AquaClean from BluePlanet SA.

The proven success of AquaClean has gone a long way towards making BluePlanet SA a leading biotechnology solutions company dealing with microorganisms wherever they can be found, whether in water or soil, and, since this team remains on the cutting edge of research into bio solutions, there is still a lot more than AquaClean waiting in petri dishes at the BluePlanet laboratories!

The fact is that the team at BluePlanet SA is committed to raising awareness of the essential role that every industry, from industrial production facilities to municipal sewage plants, agriculture, aquaculture and municipalities in charge of open bodies, play in the bottom line of a generation facing enormous environmental challenges and the possibility of global food shortages!

As BluePlanet SA says; “Water and soil, not oil, hold the future for humanity”, and there is no denying the absolute truth of that statement if we are to have a sustainable future!

We cannot improve our natural environment or provide enough food to sustain the population growth in South Africa at the rate we are going, unless we all push for the use of environmentally safe effluent and waste management products and systems, and BluePlanet SA offers a bio solution that will make a difference on every level, in any industry!

The team at BluePlanet SA is more than willing to go the full distance in terms of changing the way that environmental remediation and wastewater management is viewed, taking it from damaging what is left of our natural resources, to restoring as much as is possible through our own work as humans!

Find out more about what the passionate team at BluePlanet SA has to offer, and what AquaClean is capable of, by looking into the history of this biotechnological company and its innovative bio solutions.

Get a bird’s eye view of how BluePlanet SA has gone about remediating an open body of water considered one of the premier water sports venues in South Africa, at the North End Lake in Port Elizabeth; the results speak for themselves, and these results can be replicated in a complete cross-section of applications!

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