Maintain the operational stability of municipal sewage plants through the use of AquaClean.

BluePlanet SA is the South African arm of BluePlanet LLC, a US based team of biotechnologists who are on the cutting edge of the development and production of bacterial formulations designed to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste for a broad range of applications, from agriculture to aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.

As sole supplier of AquaClean, the environmentally safe solution to wastewater treatment, BluePlanet SA is proud of the success achieved through successful in-situ trials carried out in over 35 countries worldwide, across a broad range of climatic conditions and applications, offering the assurance that this cost effective solution is a highly effective, ecologically sound approach to the treatment of effluent water.

Among the various applications ideally suited to the use of AquaClean is the positive impact that this product has had on water treatment plans for major municipal sewage plants, aided by the development and implementation of treatment plans from BluePlanet SA.  Managers of municipal sewage plants utilising AquaClean around the world have found that they have achieved better results in more rapid start-ups and system recoveries, while at the same time maintaining operational stability.

The cost benefits of using AquaClean in municipal sewage plants are phenomenal, generating real bottom-line savings as a result of the increase in overall efficiency and a reduction in the removal and handling costs normally associated with sludge, organic solids, fats, oil and grease.  AquaClean also lowers the use of polymers and other chemical agents normally used in the management of major municipal sewage plants.

The benefits of AquaClean from BluePlanet SA do not stop here; there is a continual investment by this team into the development and pioneering of new formulations in order to find breakthrough technologies that address the major environmental challenges facing the human race and the future of global food production!

Why not change the future with BluePlanet SA by joining their growing list of AquaClean resellers, all of whom are passionate about the environment and committed to an ethical approach to business; it doesn’t cost the earth to contribute towards saving the earth’s natural resources!

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