Let BluePlanet SA introduce you to environmentally friendly technology for wastewater treatment.

BluePlanet SA uses breakthrough biological technology to produce highly effective results in wastewater management across a broad range of industries such as industrial processing plants, agriculture, aquaculture, municipal sewage plants as well as environmental remediation, and this team does this all in an affordable way that makes absolute sense from an economic and environmental standpoint.

Mankind has done the damage and it is now long past time for all industry to wake up to the fact that it is going to require a drastic change in how they manage the waste their industries produce, to ensure that any pollution or toxic contaminants contained in their wastewater does not seep into the soil, groundwater, rivers, lakes or seas and adversely affect the health of humans and the environment.

It takes a deep commitment to the future of Mother Earth to make the changes necessary to bring about a sustainable future in which humans, animals, plant life, aquatic life and ecological systems are given the chance to flourish again.

It is just such a pity that it has taken mankind so long to wake up to the reality of climate change – had we not thought that early proponents may have been ‘doomsday’ prophets and actually looked into the issues they were pointing out, we may not have ended up in a situation where every effort must now be made in order to secure the future of the human race!

As the African distributor for BluePlanet LLC, a US based Biotechnology Company committed to the development of bacterial formulations, BluePlanet SA stands by its belief that AquaClean and other products they offer to industry are able to provide the type of solutions we so desperately need in order to change the future!

All industries produce waste and wastewater, which needs to be cleaned and processed as safely as possible before it is safe to reuse or discharge into our rivers, groundwater or oceans. These are important measures to put in place to avoid ecological disasters and environmental dangers that cause disease and other health problems.

There is also a tightening of legislation around the treatment of wastewater, and any industry caught releasing untreated effluent into the environment and causing health hazards will be held fully accountable for any damage done, to the environment and to any communities adversely affected by the irresponsible disposal of waste and wastewater.

When used in agriculture, AquaClean plays a vital role in improving crop yield and plant growth, as well as being highly effective in composting and soil enhancement, all of which lowers operational costs for agriculturists on many levels.

When used in Aquaculture, AquaClean significantly reduces ammonia and nitrogen waste build ups to improve water quality, as well as reducing bottom sludge in order to allow for faster turnaround times between harvesting fish and shrimp. AquaClean also plays an important role in aiding resistance to disease and stimulates faster growth, which allows for either shorter grow-out periods or larger unit weight.

To find out more about what the team at BluePlanet SA can do to assist you in contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment in your industry, please call this passionate and friendly team, they know exactly how to create economically viable wastewater treatment plans that will make you wonder why you waited so long to change your wastewater management plan!

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