Let AquaClean work for your industry and change the future of wastewater management.

So many avoidable tragedies had to happen worldwide, and on a massive scale, for people to start listening to those who had been warning about the effects of global warming on our planet for years before it became a reality, we really don’t need it to continue into a future where global food shortage also becomes a reality, which it already is in many parts of the world.

A global food shortage starts from the ground up and is already well underway due to unsustainable, damaging practices which are the norm in wastewater management, this wastewater, created by every industry imaginable, seeps into our soil, our waterways, groundwater and seas, affecting everything from crops to freshwater eco system balances.

BluePlanet LLC, who have invested heavily in the development of cutting edge bio-technologies targeted at finding innovative answers to wastewater management systems, researching and developing bio-solutions on a continuous basis for promoting environmentally safe solutions with which to manage wastewater stemming from commerce and industry.

BluePlanet SA has brought the result of this ongoing research to Africa in the form of AquaClean, a safe, natural and environmentally friendly solution to the overuse of toxic chemicals used in wastewater management, which have already caused enough damage to our depleted natural resources.  AquaClean has been developed for use across many applications from agriculture to aquaculture, wastewater treatment at sewage plants as well as for use in environmental remediation.

While many industries have admirably started implementing ‘greener’ behaviour in their activities, they are still stuck on using chemicals to deal with the need to ‘clean’ the wastewater that inevitably seeps into run-off streams and into the ground, almost negating any green practices they may have instituted elsewhere in their business or industry.

No matter what industry you represent, if you produce the inevitable wastewater, do it in an environmentally sound and economical way with AquaClean, not only will you expand your capacity and lower maintenance costs, but you will be stabilising wastewater systems effectively enough not to become another role player in the destruction of our natural resources.

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