Lead the way to change with BluePlanet SA and AquaClean to make every drop of wastewater work for us!

It is definitely way past time that we make serious decisions and then act on them to do all we can to protect all that we have left of our natural resources, which all it would take is a Google tour to see what is left of those incredible natural resources we were given that have now been depleted, to the point that the unsustainable practices we have become immune to are literally robbing us of a future right before our eyes!

No one can say that it is just too expensive, or that eco solutions just don’t work, those are lies we tell ourselves to avoid change, the one thing all humans have in common.  Cost effective sustainable solutions are very much here and very definitely do work, all you have to do is look at BluePlanet SA and see just how much they have put into developing sustainable, environmentally sound wastewater solutions!

Water really is life and every industry creates wastewater, some just on larger scales than others, and when treated in the same old chemical way as it has been done since the dawn of the industrial age, it infects and affects everything in our environment, creating a situation where it is no longer simply about global warming but the reality of a future in which global food shortage will be what is reaped out of the continued use of chemicals to deal with wastewater.

Fresh water on Mother earth adds up to an alarming 2.5%, which is meant to support a world population in excess of 7.5 billion, how is it possible for any individual, let alone any industry, not to look into the commitment made by BluePlanet SA’s parent company, BluePlanet LLC who have put everything they have into developing cutting edge bio-technologies specifically designed to combat the global challenges we face.

BluePlanet SA has brought AquaClean to South Africa and to the whole of Africa in fact, as an affordable and environmentally sound wastewater solution for use in many applications, from agriculture to aquaculture right through to municipal sewage treatment facilities.

Well documented in-situ success throughout the world in various applications has proven that AquaClean has become a vital and viable response to changing the way that we recycle nutrients and waste, except that AquaClean is a bacterial formulation rather than a damaging, old world chemical formula!  Visit the BluePlanet SA website and view the impact this formidable formulation can have on your industry and on our natural resources if you are ready to make the change before it becomes a moot point!

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