Join the ranks of AquaClean resellers through BluePlanet SA for a greener future in Africa.

Every industry in the developing world is expected to have safe wastewater treatment plans in place in order to treat and clean this water so that it becomes safe to reuse, soak into our groundwater or discharge into our rivers and oceans, and the safest way to do this is to use an environmentally safe product such as AquaClean, distributed in Africa by BluePlanet SA.

AquaClean has been developed by bio-technologists at BluePlanet LLC in the US in order to produce bacterial formulations which are designed to enhance the recycling processes of waste and nutrients for a wide range of applications that include agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, providing innovative, affordable and economical solutions aimed at producing a safer and healthier environment.

BluePlanet SA is the distributor of AquaClean in Africa, committed to providing support for eco-systems that are failing as a result of bad practices where it comes to the treatment of waste water, and there is no industry that does not create waste water, making the environmentally safe management of waste water an essential component to addressing issues such as global food shortages.

Non-toxic and non-pathogenic, AquaClean is a bio-product which is safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life.  Poultry bedding, compost piles and swine slurry are all examples of the production of wastewater that would benefit immensely through the use of AquaClean, which can in turn be used as a safe soil enhancer in crop production.

BluePlanet provides an economical bio-solution for waste water treatment which will ensure the sustainability of agriculture and its attendant eco-systems, without compromising the environment or impacting on public health.

If you would like to join the move towards a greener future in Africa then please visit the BluePlanet SA website and become a reseller of AquaClean to sectors which encompass agriculture, aquaculture, industry or municipal sewage plants.


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