Join the global initiative to relieve the strain on our natural resources in partnership with BluePlanet SA.

In order to effect positive changes to the negative impact that pollution and waste from all industries has had on our environment, BluePlanet SA has developed unique ecological solutions aimed at protecting the natural resources still available on our planet.

AquaClean has been formulated to offer a bacterial solution to address the major issues that stem from chemical waste treatment across a broad spectrum of industries, as well as to ensure an ecologically sound and affordable way for industry to remain within regulations that govern industry as we move into a greener future.

BluePlanet SA is the African distributor for US based BluePlanet LLC, a Biotechnology Company that is dedicated to the development of bacterial formulations designed to enhance the recycling processes of waste and nutrients for a wide range of applications.  BluePlanet SA is fully committed to providing solutions that will carry us towards sustainable environmental practices aimed at addressing essential issues such as food and water shortage, so that these insecurities will become a thing of the past.

Human beings have already inflicted significant damage to our natural resources and in response to this damage, BluePlanet is able to offer the expertise to stabilise biologically active products designed for many applications, which have already produced highly effective results in wastewater treatment and environmental remediation in over 35 countries worldwide.

With the development and production of AquaClean, BluePlanet SA has become an effective partner to industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, to touch on just a few of its applications,  providing innovative, affordable and economical solutions aimed at producing a safer and healthier environment.

The team at BluePlanet SA are happy to discuss any requirements you may have to suit your industry and to guide you to the best solutions that will make you part of the global initiative to relieve the strain on our natural resources.

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