Join hands with BluePlanet SA to use environmentally friendly wastewater management systems!

Many scoffed at the predictions made about global warming and the devastating effects it would have on our planet, and, today we know that those predictions were not just the ranting and raving of ‘end of world’ prophets!

Every day, everywhere around the world, the changes in climate are keenly felt, with hurricanes and tornados making an appearance in places they had never before been, earthquakes and flooding in areas that had never felt so much as a tremor or a few feet of rain, and volcanoes erupting after centuries of sleep.

Many of us now wish we had paid a little more attention to what we did with our waste and how we let a few ‘others’ try to stop huge industries from dumping poison into rivers, lakes and into the sea, but, here we sit, with an environment under severe strain and a future that definitely doesn’t look good.

Food production is hit hardest when seasons no longer happen as they did before, and when rains no longer arrive when expected, which has started a whole chain reaction that can only lead one way, and that is to a world in which a dire shortage of food and water will be the norm.

Thankfully, many have joined the wave of consciousness about doing everything we can now to stem and even try to reverse some of the damage done to our environment, but it is a giant task and has to be taken on by everyone, from individuals to industry!

BluePlanet SA distributes AquaClean, which is an environmentally safe product that has been developed in answer to the crises that has arisen around the safety of our water and the need to find solutions for safe wastewater treatment plans across industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, municipal sewage plants and environmental remediation.

All unclean, untreated water created by any industry and left to soak into our groundwater, or discharge into our rivers and oceans is creating major damage to eco systems, plants, aquatic life and animals, as well as causing a health hazard for humans, and this is a situation that has to be addressed on an urgent basis.

What BluePlanet LLC in the US, which is the parent company of BluePlanet SA, has done is to produce bacterial formulations which are designed to enhance the recycling processes of waste and nutrients for a wide range of applications, as listed above, making the choice of environmentally friendly products like AquaClean affordable and economically viable for all clients, irrespective of their industry.

The bio-technology designed by BluePlanet is highly advanced and has been in the making for over 40 years already, and, in a world ready to join hands to change the way in which waste is managed, AquaClean has already made a major impact in over 35 countries worldwide, in a variety of applications. If you are ready to become a role player in a safer future, the team at BluePlanet SA will be happy to show you where to start!

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