It’s time to overhaul industrial wastewater management systems, safely!

The focus here is on industrial wastewater management, but it’s also important for us all to accept responsibility for the way in which we contribute to the decline of the earth’s natural resources through our own domestic wastewater disposal.

Things as basic as oil and petrol leaks from cars, as well as detergents used in the home all contribute to the whole; municipal pipelines are not always in good condition, which means that some of this wastewater also ends up in our groundwater.

Back to industry and why it’s essential to make significant changes to the way that wastewater is recycled and disposed of.

It’s great that we do have many industrial enterprises and manufacturing plants that have already adopted environmentally friendly wastewater management systems, but there is still a very long way to go before everyone gets on the same page.

Unfortunately the outlook is pretty bleak if wastewater management is not completely overhauled for the good of the environment and the protection of the future for all.

After over 40 years’ worth of hard work, biotechnology research and the development of products like AquaClean, the team at BluePlanet SA has rung in the changes for cost effective, ‘green’ wastewater solutions in South Africa, very successfully.

The pressure to up production in industry based on a high population growth is only going to make it worse for the environment if wastewater management is not taken seriously.

That means all industry! Any business, whether it’s the small factory on the corner producing leather goods or a major pharmaceutical production facility, produces wastewater, but it’s what happens to this wastewater that counts.

When inlet and outlet pipes for wastewater are well-maintained, and wastewater is managed without the use of chemicals, the cost of production can be positively impacted.

At the same time as the cost of production lowers through effective wastewater management, the environment is protected from waste produced by every industry, from mining operations to pharmaceutical plants and food processing plants, to name just a few.

When industrial wastewater is properly managed, the cost of replacing pipes and other machinery is also lowered, which leads to additional cost-effectiveness of using AquaClean for an environmentally friendly wastewater system.

It costs any manufacturer more to replace machinery and pipes, or to pay fines for not meeting strict environmental requirements, which will no doubt become even stricter than they are already are, than to take the route to a bio-solution.

The effectiveness of AquaClean has already been tested successfully during in-situ trials throughout the world, across many diverse applications and climate conditions, which says a lot for the commitment at BluePlanet SA to protect our environment.

It’s not just industrial wastewater that is served well through the use of AquaClean. This bacterial formulation has been designed to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste in agriculture, municipal sewage plants, aquaculture and environmental remediation.

If you’re passionate about the difference you can make in any of these sectors, please contact BluePlanet SA to find out more about what AquaClean can do for you to heal our planet.

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