Interested in becoming a reseller of bio waste solutions in South Africa?

Before you even ask - no, it’s not going to cost you a fortune to become a BluePlanet SA reseller!

All it’s going to cost you is the investment of a small start-up fee, which will cover training and a few products to get you up and running.

Another bonus to become a reseller is that you won’t be paying any franchise fees.

Once you’ve completed your training and are up and running, the deal is done, and your contribution to the future of our planet begins in earnest.

What does come free from the BluePlanet SA team is phenomenal backup and technical support so that you are not left out on a limb when you need to put together a cost effective wastewater management system, or plan environmental remediation that may need a completely unique approach.

There are a few things BluePlanet does want to know about you before you join the family, but if you are passionate about the environment, you won’t mind, and it’ll be easy for you to meet the criteria.

You need to want to actively make a different to how humans interact with water, soil and effluent, which goes to the core of what BluePlanet is all about.

After all, everything that any sector of industry does has an impact on our environment, soil and water, and it is only by educating others that you will begin to make a difference in your own corner of the world.

BluePlanet is also very big on ethics. There are no tricks or little white lies behind what the use of a unique product such as AquaClean can do for the environment.

AquaClean is an organic solution, and if that is the type of solution that gets you fired up about protecting our planet, you’ll fit right in!

Now that your passion for the environment, your commitment to an ethical approach to business and desire to be part of the solution is out of the way, there’s also the other side of the coin, which is to bring in extra revenue that becomes recurring with each success story you play a role in.

BluePlanet SA has brought an economical bio-solution to South Africa that is cost-effective and efficient across many applications, creating jobs and opportunities for many struggling in a tough economy.

This is a business opportunity with a twist; business growth is a given, and at the same time, you are contributing positively to our future.

These applications range from industrial wastewater to agriculture (improving soil quality, lowering costs and increasing crop yields), bio-remediation wherever it is needed, as well as in aquaculture (improving water quality and healthy yields of fish and shrimp).

The environment has already been compromised enough, which is why it’s important for people who are passionate about protecting it to step up to the plate and put passion into action, by getting actively involved in bio-solutions in South Africa.

We may still be considered a third world country, but, with enough hearts in the right place, South Africa can still be a true reflection of the abundance of wide open arable land and beautifully blue skies of legend.

We still have the privilege of not being blinded by smog, or wearing masks to protect ourselves from severely polluted air, which means that if we all pull together we can still remain a lot more environmentally intact than so-called ‘first-world’ countries!

Keep South Africa green by contacting the friendly team at BluePlanet SA to find out more about how you can join the ranks of other environmentally conscious resellers.

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