Improve the efficiency of Municipal Sewage Plants with cost effective cutting edge technology

The result of the essential need to improve the efficiency of Municipal Sewage Plants has led to the development of new, cutting edge technologies that put traditional thinking back into the age of the dinosaurs in the drive to develop cost cutting methods to improve efficiency. BluePlanet SA is fast becoming a market leader in the development and implementation of treatment plans that are based on the various individual needs of major Municipal Sewage Plants throughout the world.

The maintenance of Operation Stability as well as the achievement of better results in more Rapid Startups and System Recoveries has resulted in Wastewater Managers experiencing real bottom-line savings and cost benefits with the use of our wastewater treatment plans.  AquaClean has increased overall efficiencies by reducing removal and handling costs associated with sludge, organic solids, oil, grease and fats, as well as reducing the use of other chemical agents and polymers.  With the use of AquaClean, the build up of sludge and loss of flow that leads to failed systems is broken down by the technology that breaks down fats, oil and grease, meaning that the system can be restored without the costly replacement of leach fields and tanks.

With the ability to reduce sludge by up to 40% and degrade fats, grease and oil, AquaClean also eliminates odours, reduces BOD, COD and TSS, while improving effluent discharge and eliminating Hydrogen-Sulphide.  All of these factors combine to improve water quality, lower maintenance costs while stabilising the system and expanding operating capacity.  BluePlanet SA is proud to be in the position to provide water treatment plans that not only assist the stability of our natural resources, but also offer bottom-line savings to our many varied clients.

AquaClean also significantly reduces service time in system clean-outs and pump-outs of both septic tanks and grease traps in commercial and domestic waste water systems.  Whether you are in the municipal, agriculture, aquaculture, industrial or environmental sectors, the team at BluePlanet SA have the expertise to guide you to the perfect solution that will save you time and money while protecting the environment at the same time.  Please visit our website to view in-depth information on how AquaClean ACF-32 can change your world.

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