How to enhance the recycling process of nutrients & waste across many applications using bio solutions!

The question at BluePlanet was; how to effectively enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste across a broad spectrum of applications from an environmentally friendly point of view?  And how could they go about achieving a broad based bio solution that would be able to tackle these processes in industries as diverse as agriculture, environmental remediation, aquaculture and municipal sewage plants?

The sheer diversity of these industries and applications are mind-boggling, however, the biotechnologists at BluePlanet managed to take all their research and development and wrap it up neatly in one product that could do it all; AquaClean.

But how does AquaClean manage to enhance the recycling of all these nutrients and different forms of waste?  BluePlanet SA has done this by taking the road less travelled by their competitors who have always placed the emphasis on mainly basic bacillus and pseudomonas strains!

This road less travelled by other biotechnologists means that BluePlanet LLC in the US has been able to formulate biologically active products that get to the heart of the specific applications mentioned above.

In layman’s terms, you could say that what BluePlanet SA has brought to South Africa is able to adjust according to the microorganisms present in any application, effectively improving the quality of effluent and waste accordingly. On an even more basic level one could look at AquaClean as an all-encompassing ‘antibiotic’ for the restoration of the natural balance of our environment.

As an example, antibiotics prescribed by doctors for pneumonia are very different to those prescribed for blood poisoning – this is an analogy that would fit well with the ‘tunnel vision’ approach taken by BluePlanet competitors!

The biotechnology behind the production of a product like AquaClean is phenomenal, especially when you take into account that it can do anything from the remediation of oil spills, all forms of pollution caused by downstream waste from industry, agriculture and other sources that can be found in polluted water and soil, and then go across and increase crop yields in agriculture and remediate water in fish farms for healthy production.

BluePlanet SA is not just passionate about doing all they can to lead the way to a sustainable future, they have also been able to prove that irrespective of where AquaClean is used, cost savings will follow.

If it’s an economical answer you are looking for in order to reduce operational costs, whether as a biogas facility or as a municipal sewage plant manager, BluePlanet SA has the roadmap that will mark out every step of the route to these savings, and they are more than willing to lead the way for you.

Consider the earliest face of biotechnology (not that they called it that!) aimed purely at selectively breeding plants and animals to improve the quality of food way back when, and then look at the major strides taken since then, where we now have a product like AquaClean that not only increases crop yields and restores soil health, but also lowers costs for farmers in terms of cutting down their reliance on environmentally damaging chemical fertilisers and pesticides!

This is just one aspect of what we need to ensure that we stand a better chance of fending off a global food crises and repairing some of the damage done to a once pristine environment, and every bit of waste or drop of wastewater not treated properly is as guilty of pushing us to the precipice of a predicted food shortage as the next!

Count yourself among the leaders in industry who are pushing for environmentally, cost-effective bio solutions in dealing with effluent and waste by contacting BluePlanet SA today – there are generations not yet born who are depending on whether you are willing to take drastic measures to make these changes now!

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