How far will you go to keep open water safe for humans & the environment?

Whether it’s a pond, lake or dam, wherever there is a still open body of water, there is a danger of pollution, caused by a build-up of sludge and the wilful dumping of organic waste.

It’s not just the quality of the water that is affected, the whole ecosystem around polluted water is affected.  Plants die off, the health of animals and aquatic life is compromised, and the health of human beings is impacted.

Water-born germs can and have caused serious illness in humans, and it’s an issue that cannot be ignored, especially in light of the fact that we already face a worldwide water crisis that can only get worse, if steps aren’t taken to protect all open bodies of water.

Municipalities and industry need to pull together to create environmentally friendly wastewater disposals, and to take it seriously enough to start right now.

It’s all very well for untreated, or chemically treated water to be allowed to flow into rivers, groundwater, dams, lakes and the ocean, but it is an irresponsible attitude to take towards the survival of human beings and the environment.

Are we really willing to take full responsibility for the quality of our water and the damage to our soil and finally adopting green practices in the recycling process of wastewater by industry, starting today?

Our environment is already so compromised by the way that we have mishandled earth’s natural resources that we have a long way to go before we can even claim to be making a difference to what we face in the future.

Let’s not forget that when inorganic material is allowed to seep into soil, a chain reaction of events begins, which will only contribute further to global food scarcity, now and in the future.

We need healthy soil in order to be able to feed a world population that is growing at an alarming rate.

In many instances, dams and lakes have been declared unsafe for any recreational activities, which means that not only is the water unsafe for humans to enjoy, everything about the ecosystem surrounding the dam or lake is impacted negatively.

BluePlanet SA has a fantastic case study of the success achieved at what will be one of the premier water sports venues in South Africa, which is well worth talking to them about – it’s a prime example of what can be done using bio-solutions.

We have already stripped forests bare, done irrevocable damage to the ozone layer with carbon emissions, as well as causing immense damage to the environment through the extraction and burning of fossil fuels…and much more!

How much more can what was once a beautifully blue and healthy planet take before we start living the kind of scenes we see in futuristic movies about life after the destruction of our planet, and its natural resources?

BluePlanet SA has had phenomenal success in the bioremediation of open bodies of water, assisting municipalities and private interests to institute bioremediation of open bodies of water using a unique, environmentally friendly product called AquaClean.

What AquaClean does is to restore the natural balance, stability and vitality of small and large natural bodies of water in a cost effective way that is also kind to the planet.

The team at BluePlanet SA are down to earth guys who will do all they can to assist with the cleaning up of waterways that are polluted by organic waste, naturally.

If keeping our waterways and open bodies of water safe and healthy is important to you, give BluePlanet a call to find out more about what they can do to clean up polluted waterways!

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