How does BluePlanet SA achieve success in their commitment to a healthier, cleaner environment?

What BluePlanet SA does is show nothing short of an absolute commitment to a future environment that looks a whole lot better than it does now, and to do it using bio-solutions based on their product AquaClean, researched, tested in the field with great success, safe for the environment and an already very fragile ecology headed downhill.

In-situ trials across over 35 countries worldwide, in very different environments across a broad selection of applications, have proven highly successful, effective both in terms of cost and obvious results.

BluePlanet LLC in the US contains a team of bio-technologists who are many years ahead of their time yet with 40 of them spent researching and then producing AquaClean, has grown from strength to strength in South Africa at the hands of team at BluePlanet SA, the African arm of this parent company, proud to be an active representation of a commitment to the future of our environment.

AquaClean has been developed to battle the massive challenges facing us with what is a significantly growing human population, with many industries using unsustainable production practices to meet the growing demands of this population, and very definitely inadequately addressing environmental conservation.

Changes have been made by many in industry, however, while there is still time it is essential to take action, irrespective of the industry you represent, by taking ambitious, cost effective, proven and sustainable solutions to make meaningful change.

Chlorinated, polluted and untreated waste of any kind is born by effluent produced in any production facility, whether it is a pharmaceutical manufacturer or farmer, and left to soak into our groundwater, rivers, dams and sea, which is a practice that has to end, ultimately to increase food production and to renew our polluted, overloaded environment.

Open bodies of water that have been affected by effluent of any kind affect not only the ecology, plant, aquatic and animal life in the proximity, but also pose a health threat to human beings, which calls for drastic action to remove these threats.

A 33ha water surface area around a lake within Port Elizabeth, for instance, is fed by storm and run off water from a catchment areas of around 900ha. This is all very well, however, what had happened was that the continued inflow of polluted storm water, illegal discharging of untreated industrial effluent, plus raw sewage, has completely contaminated the lake and left a bottom sludge layer of around 80cm deep!

As a result of this contamination, this once beautiful lake was a nutrient enriched breeding ground for high levels of faecal coliform, E-Coli and a variety of algae strains that made the lake unfit for human recreational use.

This is when the municipality contacted BluePlanet SA, at which the team put together a bio-remediation plan using AquaClean, a unique formula designed to bring about change to a broad range of applications.

AquaClean, unlike competitors, who focus on basic bacillus and pseudomonas strains, the capabilities and benefits of this Species Specific bacteria means a much broader selection of geneses and species, offering much greater capabilities and benefits across multiple applications.

Back to the lake! BluePlanet SA measures the success of this bio-remediation program in the reduction of sludge and of indicator micro-organisms, visual improvements and the impact of the program on flora and fauna

The results?  The remediation of this lake has been a massive undertaking over a two year period broken into various phases as required for success, which has been achieved, meeting most of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry Water Management guidelines, despite the fact that as long as the influent quality of the water is poor, it will always influence the lake water negatively.

The conclusion reached is that ongoing treatment will be a must to control pollutants entering the lake, which is where the municipality will be making their own plans with BluePlanet SA to take bio-remedial action on their side.

It is easy to see, on just one lake, just how much damage is caused by untreated effluent, and why only an environmentally safe wastewater management plan is a step that must be taken now, by all industry!

Review just a few of the major applications in which AquaClean offers bio-solutions to attack pollution and untreated effluent, take a little time to chat to the BluePlanet SA team or take the plunge and become a reseller to become a major player in saving our environment!


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