How does AquaClean from BluePlanet SA help to treat wastewater produced by industry?

All industry produces wastewater and that wastewater has to go somewhere, and, as a very undesirable by-product of industry, if this wastewater is not treated before being reused or released into a sewer, or even worse, left to find its way into any other surface water in the surrounding area, the accumulated damage to the environment is far greater than can be seen by the human eye!

Even if more environmentally aware industries are trying to minimise on their production of wastewater or recycle the treated wastewater into their production system, there is still so much to be done to bring wastewater management systems in line with the dire need for clean water on the planet, for consumption by humans, animals, plant life and aquatic life.

We cannot continue with old, chemically based wastewater management systems, these are the components that have already brought us to an environment that is taking immense strain from damage already done by humans and the massive growth in industry.

As populations continue to grow, demand increases, for everything from food, to water, goods, clothing, motor vehicles and a million other things, which means that the wheels of industry keep having to turn faster to keep up with the pace, which starts the whole vicious cycle again – back to the untreated wastewater that is often left to float into our environment.

BluePlanet SA has made an immense impact on a broad range of industries by introducing them to an affordable, environmentally friendly product that is designed to revolutionise in-situ wastewater management across a broad range of applications in all industries, including agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental remediation and in municipal sewage plants.

AquaClean is the product brought to South Africa by BluePlanet SA as an environmentally friendly solution to the safe treatment of all wastewater, and, when you think about how many chemicals, metals, pesticides, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other dangerous elements sneak into our groundwater from untreated wastewater, it’s obvious that action is essential for a safer future.

Look into the background of the bio-technologists at BluePlanet LLC, which is the parent company of this South African team in the US, the amount of research over many, many years, that has gone into producing a product as effective and economically viable as AquaClean, is epic – this is a company dedicated to finding natural solutions that work towards creating a better future in a healthier environment with single-minded determination!

With so many different industrial facilities in operation, which include everything from food processors to chemical and pharmaceutical plants, mining operations and oil refineries, there have to be as many ways to manage the wastewater produced, a role played by AquaClean perfectly across all sectors of industry.

Those who have adopted wastewater management systems using AquaClean have found that AquaClean is highly effective at lowering maintenance costs and stabilising water systems.  Equally effective at lowering effluent waste such as COD, BOD, TSS and H2S, AquaClean also eliminates odours and reduces sludge generation.

The team at BluePlanet SA has worked with some of the largest production facilities in industry by assisting with the implementation of wastewater management systems to work towards a cleaner environment, as well as to meet industry regulations, and they are always ready to welcome newcomers!

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