How can BluePlanet SA help your industry to create a sustainable waste management system?

BluePlanet SA has introduced their range of AquaClean products to many satisfied customers throughout South Africa and other African countries, offering cost-effective, environmentally friendly bacterial formulations developed to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste for a broad spectrum of applications, from agriculture to environmental remediation.

As the South African distribution partner for BluePlanet LLC, which is a US based Biotechnology Company, the South African team at BluePlanet SA is proud to be associated with the cutting edge, environmentally friendly products that have been developed by some of the keenest minds in biotechnology today, leading the way to sustainable practices in managing toxic waste and wastewater systems in industry throughout Africa.

The AquaClean range of products include:

  • AquaClean ACF-32, which is a multi-purpose formula able to dissolve organic sludge, reduce COD, BOD and suspended solids, eliminate strong odours and clarify water in natural and man-made production ponds and lagoons, as well as doing a great job of effectively reducing bottom sludge, among other applications.
  • AquaClean ACF-SA Sludge Abate, developed to speed up biological oxidation of organic waste solids, reduce organic bottom sludge in lakes, ponds and wastewater systems as well as reducing gaseous odour production and eliminating odours. ACF-SA works in a wide range of temperatures and enhances overall biological degradation wherever necessary.
  • AquaClean ACF-PAC is a safe and natural professional Aquaculture formula developed specifically for the aquaculture industry. Water quality management is essential in aquaculture in terms of reducing ammonia and nitrogen waste build-up for many reasons, chief among which is aiding in the resistance to disease and the stimulation of faster growth for higher yields.
  • AquaClean ACF-SF and ACF-SF PLUS Soil Fix are both developed for use in agriculture, providing biological and humate soil inoculants, conditioning soil, aiding in degrading residual organics, improving compost quality and more, all of which is an environmentally friendly solution to protecting agriculture and production processes well into the future for sustainability.
  • AquaClean ACF-SC is a bacteria culture developed by BluePlanet for the treatment of sludge and cellulose, which is specifically designed to break down coarse cellulose fibres encountered in processing fibrous organic waste, available as a liquid that has a shelf-life of two years if unopened – yet another example of the lengths that BluePlanet has gone to in order to bring cost effectiveness to combating waste sustainably!
  • AquaClean ACF-Nutrient is a macro/micro nutrient formula used in a variety of environmental and wastewater systems, designed to enhance the biochemical degradation and recycling of organics, among other applications, including being one of the toughest formulas for breaking down hard to degrade grease, oil and long-chain fatty acids!

These are just basic introductions to the environmentally friendly range of products developed by BluePlanet and brought to Africa by BluePlanet SA, however, using a cross-section of AquaClean products to find the perfect fit for any application is as easy as chatting to the team at BluePlanet SA!

Once this team understands what you are trying to achieve, they will assist you to put together a waste management system that is cost effective and will stand as an example of what the future can look like if industry works together to develop sustainable practices in managing waste and keeping our waterways a sparkling blue!

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