Full Range of Treatments from BluePlanet SA

Care in the environment is a major part of any agriculture, aquiculture or industrial operation these days, as the sheer extent of the damage we have done in past decades begins to become clear. Of course, we now have a better understanding of what it is that causes such damage, and it is the duty of all to ensure they do everything they can to keep any environmental impact to a minimum. At BluePlanet SA we have developed a range of products for a wide variety of uses that provide ecologically friendly solutions, and we are proud of a reputation for excellent results.

BluePlanet SA is the South African arm of a major US company, BluePlanet LLC, which has spent many years formulating products that, rather than using chemical components, make use of specific bacteria that target certain solutions. These products, the AquaClean range, are completely harmless to people, animals and plants, and are designed to help those in all areas of agriculture and industry keep chemical formulations to a minimum. We have products that are suitable for a wide variety of uses, each of which has been tried and tested and is proven to be efficient.

One of our most popular products is the AquaClean Multi-Purpose Formula, which handles applications in sludge treatment, manure management, water waste treatment and more, plus we also have a range of AquaClean solutions for more specifically targeted use. ACF-SF, for example, is our Soil Fix solution, and helps with the fertilisation and regeneration of soil, as well as in composting. You can see the full range of AquaClean products at the BluePlanet SA, or you can get in touch with us using the contact details provided and we will be more than happy to discuss and advise on your specific requirements.

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