Find out more about the power AquaClean brings to the treatment of industrial waste water.

A highly cost effective response to waste water treatment in the form of AquaClean has been introduced to South Africa by BluePlanet SA, bringing a much needed response to the safe treatment of waste water.  AquaClean is the result of the research and development done by the innovative team at BluePlanet LLC in the US, a company that remains on the cutting edge of the biotechnological field.

BluePlanet SA has made it affordable and cost effective for all business sectors involved in manufacturing processes to utilise an environmentally friendly waste water treatment in the form of AquaClean for effluent water produced by their industries.

In terms of industrial waste water treatment plans, AquaClean is used by a broad spectrum of industrial facilities such as metal fabricators, mining operations, oil and gas refineries, food processing plants as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants, economically expanding capacity and lowering maintenance costs while at the same time stabilising waste water systems.

All these industries have a responsibility to contribute towards a greener future and the safeguarding of our waterways in terms of how their waste water is treated before being released into rivers, dams, oceans as well as seepage into groundwater systems, and with a product like AquaClean, which has undergone successful in-situ trials in over 35 countries worldwide, each are able to make their own commitment to protecting what is left of the earth’s natural resources.

AquaClean is highly effective at lowering effluent waste, eliminating odours, reducing sludge generation and bringing waste water systems into compliance with local regulations, ensuring that minimal pollution is created by industrial waste water. AquaClean applies a proprietary mixture of aerobic, facultative and anaerobic solutions which result in a product range that offers exceptional performance across a broad range of applications.

If you are interested in finding out more about just how tough AquaClean is in breaking down hard-to-degrade long-chain fatty acids, grease and oil, as well as its efficacy in successfully remediating oil spills, the BluePlanet SA team will welcome your call towards remedying outdated, dangerous waste water treatment systems!

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