Exchange chemical treatments of effluent water for cutting edge environmental solutions from BluePlanet SA.

With hundreds of positive, in-situ trials that have been conducted successfully in over 35 countries, and across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions, BluePlanet SA is proud of the role that our team plays as the African distribution partner for BluePlanet LLC, an American based Biotechnology Company that is committed to finding sustainable ways to address environmental challenges and global food production.

BluePlanet is on the cutting edge of the development and production of bacterial formulations targeted at enhancing the recycling process of waste and nutrients in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.

The team at BluePlanet believe that our breakthrough formulations such as AquaClean are an essential contribution to protecting our environment with the remediation of polluted waterways, in order to ensure the future of food security through soil and plant remediation.

The reliance on chemical fertilisers and pesticides should be a thing of the past and has no place in the future if we are to increase essential crop yields significantly and restore soil health to the extent that it will positively impact the economics of farmers.

BluePlanet SA is leading the way in changing inadequate environmental conservation and unsustainable production practices, providing a positive and clear breakthrough into the future of sustainable farming practices with AquaClean.

Our commitment at BluePlanet SA is to provide cost effective, economical and sustainable solutions that have the power to change the future of our world for the better, as well as having a profound impact on the health of our environment and the protection of the global food supply.

Effluence produced by industry that is not treated safely and allowed to seep into the groundwater, beneath the surface of the land and into oceans has historically caused major health problems and diseases, leading to the need to meet strict legal requirements that become tighter as the environment loses its fight against chemical solutions and treatments.

AquaClean has been developed and produced in order to meet the ever increasing demand for sustainable waste water management systems and designed for use in all industries, from agriculture to sewage management, providing an affordable and sustainable ecological response to the damage already inflicted on our natural resources.  Please visit our website for an in-depth look at what BluePlanet has to offer for the sustainable future of your industry.

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