Ecologically safe manure management leads to an agricultural sector able to feed a growing population!

As technology advances, so do the solutions for an environmentally friendly approach to everything we do, whether it is making sure that we recycle garbage in our homes and offices, or investing in solar panels to make as much use of what nature has provided us with in order to protect these precious resources.

Various sources have termed the 2017 drought in the Western Cape as a one-in-a-thousand-year drought event, however, the reality is that the Western Cape drought is ultimately the result of a national drought that started in 2015 and stretched from northern Limpopo to Gauteng across to the Free State.

The impact on the agricultural sector has been devastating, and continues to accelerate, leaving farmers scrambling for solutions that will increase crop yields that will be drought resistant, decrease the expense and reliance on chemical fertilisers, while at the same time implementing environmentally friendly wastewater management solutions that will create a faster turnaround times.

Agriculturists are also seeking ecologically safe methods of manure management, composting and soil enhancement, turning to biotechnologists like BluePlanet SA and their breakthrough technology that has resulted in the effective and successful use of AquaClean in agriculture, developed to address all these issues and offer an affordable solution that works.

In November 2015 there were already the first warnings and rumblings about the water crises that would only increase, and, now that we have hit that reality in 2017, it feels a little like the way we ignored the warnings about global warming before it finally became a recognised global issue, right into the UN list of ‘things to do’!

El Niño is responsible for the dry, hot weather conditions we are experiencing in South Africa, and let’s face it, we brought about the conditions that made this possible through our lack of respect for our environment, but, what is El Niño?

When ocean surface temperatures become warmer than normal in the Eastern Pacific, El Niño comes into the picture to create drier and warmer conditions for those of us living in South Africa, especially due to the fact that large areas of our country rely on summer rains to supply our water, and this has been going on since 1990, which should give us enough reason to do something now to protect our future security on many levels.

Later is going to be too late, as we have learned over and over again, which is why a company like BluePlanet SA has invested heavily, for many years, in researching, developing and producing an innovative product like AquaClean, which not only does great service to agriculture, but is also an effective, affordable solution that can be used across a broad range of applications!

When food prices soar, and we all know that they have and will continue to do so, and farmers are no longer able to produce enough food to feed a continuously growing population, it will already be too late!

Do the right thing and make every drop of water count towards a brighter, safer and healthier future by calling on the passionate team at BluePlanet SA, they will be more than happy to lead the way to a solution to suit your application!

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