Don’t turn a blind eye to the way that wastewater produced by industry is treated and released into our earth!

Effluent is what industrial wastewater produced and discharged by commercial businesses and manufacturing processes is called, this wastewater contains toxic chemicals, plating metals, residual acids and so much more, which must be cleaned in order to either reuse or discharge it safely into the environment.

This process of ‘cleaning’ wastewater, as history has shown in many landmark cases involving the discharge of toxic water into streams, lakes, dams and the ocean, is not always done, and in most cases when it is ‘cleaned’, harmful chemicals come into play yet again, which means that these chemicals go the same way as untreated ‘dirty’ water would, into our already exhausted natural resources!

Stricter legislation and controls have been put in place, but are not easily enforced in an age where industrial processes just keep picking up the pace in order to keep up with the demands of a rapidly exploding population, and Africa is in as much danger as anywhere else in the world is.

BluePlanet SA has brought AquaClean to South Africa and the rest of Africa so that our industrial and commercial enterprises will start paying attention to the damage they are causing, not only to the environment, but in causing disease and serious health problems to our population due to the discharge of inadequately or chemically treated wastewater.

AquaClean is not only an environmentally sound solution to the safe treatment of wastewater which is discharged into rivers, groundwater or the ocean, but it is economical, which means that there is no longer the ‘cost’ excuse for sticking to the practice of using chemicals to ‘clean’ wastewater.

AquaClean produces exceptional performance across a wide range of applications using a proprietary mixture of aerobic, facultative and anaerobic organisms to produce amazing results in grease traps and septic systems, in fact, there is very little that AquaClean cannot break down in hard to degrade fatty acids, grease and oil!

We cannot allow ourselves to turn a blind eye to the way industry manages the treatment of its wastewater anymore, not if we look at what pretending that global warming wasn’t real created until it was too late!  Join the movement to safer, economically and ecologically sound wastewater treatment, starting with AquaClean from BluePlanet SA!

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