Do you need a biological wastewater treatment system to lower operating costs & meet industrial environmental requirements?

One of the first issues you need to address in order to establish whether your industrial facility needs a wastewater treatment system, bearing in mind that all industry creates effluent that needs to be treated, irrespective or the industry your entity represents, is to find out, with expert help, exactly what type of contaminants are present in your wastewater.

If you are in food processing for instance, your plant is going to produce wastewater that is heavy in grease, oils and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and will definitely require a well-planned wastewater system. If you are involved in the manufacture of metals, contaminants such as iron, nickel, lead and zinc will definitely be present in your wastewater.

High levels of inorganic contaminants in your industrial wastewater is yet another call for action on the part of your facility, especially as regulations become even stricter in the battle to save our environment.  Non-compliance with these regulations regarding the treatment of wastewater is a costly risk to take, one in which the fines imposed are far costlier than having invested in a well-managed wastewater treatment system.

Releasing wastewater into the environment with disregard for the health and safety of humans, plant life and aquatic life, is going to cost more and more as the Department of Environmental Affairs tightens up on environmental safety factors, ensuring that industry across the board is taking wastewater management seriously.

BluePlanet SA has collaborated with industry leaders in order to design wastewater treatment systems cost effectively through the use of AquaClean, which is a bacterial formulation designed to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste, across a broad range of applications.

AquaClean has been developed for use in agriculture, aquaculture, municipal wastewater treatment and environmental applications, and what makes AquaClean a forerunner in the industry is that BluePlanet SA has created Species Specific Formulas that stand head above shoulders of competitors who generally focus primarily on basic bacillus and pseudomonas strains.

The ultimate result of this paradigm shift accomplished by BluePlanet means that their products have a much broader selection of geneses and species, with significantly higher capabilities and benefits.

In terms of industrial application, AquaClean has proved to be a highly efficient and cost effective solution for lowering effluent waste for industrial facilities such as metal fabricators, mining operations, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as oil and gas refineries, stabilising waste water systems, eliminating odours and reducing sludge generation.

If you are reusing wastewater in your production facilities, AquaClean will aid in helping you to avoid damage to your equipment brought about by organic growth, scaling and corrosion, which, if neglected, could mean the replacement of expensive equipment and bring production to a halt!

Grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields are environments in which AquaClean performs exceptionally well; absolutely nothing breaks down hard to degrade long-chain fatty acids, grease and oil the way that AquaClean can!

If you are in the market for an industrial wastewater treatment plan that is affordable to implement, and still saves you money by protecting your equipment and machinery, then let the team at BluePlanet introduce you to AquaClean and the role it plays in industrial processes!

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