Create an ecologically safe environment for the future by using AquaClean from BluePlanet SA.

Waste produced by industry has inflicted what we already know is significant damage to the earth’s natural resources, and until responsibility for change is taken seriously by all industries from farming to aquaculture, we will keep breaking down the dwindling natural resources of our beautiful planet, placing more and more strain on the environment by industrial processes that are not taking immediate action to use ecological solutions to waste.

As the African distributor for BluePlanet LLC, a biotechnology company based in the US, BluePlanet SA has brought the most advanced ecological solution to Africa for the management of waste produced by various industries, those who hold the future of our planet in their hands.  Change has to come and it needs to be immediate, the damage to the environment over centuries will not be undone overnight, but steps taken together will make a major contribution to a sustainable future.

AquaClean has been developed by BluePlanet to stabilise biologically active products that can be used in many applications and with proven, highly effective results from over 35 countries worldwide, BluePlanet SA has made a huge impact in the treatment of wastewater and environmental remediation through the use of AquaClean.

Formulated to offer a bacterial solution to address the major issues that stem from overused chemical waste treatments, AquaClean has been developed for use across a broad spectrum of industry to start reversing damage already inflicted on the environment and accelerating the move towards a greener, ecologically safe future, which every generation to come deserves from the current one.

Sustainable global food production and water safety is directly linked to how quickly we can stop the use of damaging chemicals to change the current insecurity that lies ahead of the human race, and by using a ecological safe solution such as AquaClean from BluePlanet SA, we can easily start the process towards making environmentally sound practices the norm in order to create a sustainable future.

No matter which industry you represent, it produces waste, but at BluePlanet SA we have a team of experts ready to assist you in creating the most ecologically safe waste treatment plan available in Africa.

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