Cleaning up waterways polluted with organic waste using AquaClean makes sense on every level.

Water is life, there is no doubt about it, and protecting our waterways is a fundamental requirement for sustainability, whether you look at it from the point of view of receding and polluted open water, to the reduction of drinking water and its affect on the future of our food safety.

AquaClean is a non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable and non-pathogenic treatment proudly brought to South Africa by BluePlanet SA, which has proven highly effective in the environmental cleanup of waterways polluted with organic waste, among other applications.

The way in which AquaClean helps to restore the balance in natural bodies of open water is by enhancing the biological oxidation of the slow to degrade organic compounds in lakes, lagoons and rivers.

AquaClean offers an affordable treatment for these open bodies of water, significantly improving the vitality and stability in order to restore their capacity to support aquatic life, and in their value for conservation and recreational activities.

Another important factor to take note of is that AquaClean complies with the strictest environmental regulations, offering an affordable solution that is kind to the environment while doing its job efficiently.

In a world that faces immense challenges in light of the increase in the human population, which is predicted to soar, unsustainable production practices, from agriculture to industry and municipal sewage plants, as well as the visible impact on our planet as a result of inadequate environmental conservation, it is impossible to deny the validity of an environmentally friendly solution such as AquaClean.

BluePlanet SA has achieved great success with AquaClean across a broad spectrum of applications, including highly successful in-situ remediation of oil spills and downstream waste created by agriculture, industry and other forms of pollution found in contaminated bodies of water and soil.

It is the responsibility of the current generation to slow down our head-on course to a future that will bring with it frightening statistics of global food shortages, offering the generations to follow a world that will offer sustenance to all forms of life.

AquaClean is the result of the technological expertise brought to bear by the team at BluePlanet SA in formulating biologically active products that target specific applications to increase the efficacies in agriculture, wastewater treatment, aquaculture and environmental remediation in an environmentally sound process that is both cost effective and kind to our planet!

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