Choose AquaClean and play your role in healing what was once a beautiful, pristine planet!

BluePlanet SA was formed with one goal in mind and that is to find the most environmentally friendly wastewater treatment product that would be effective and affordable, as well as being applicable across a broad range of industries.

The end product of years worth of research and development by BluePlanet LLC, a US based Biotechnology Company, into producing bacterial formulations that enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste has been realised to its fullest extent in the production of AquaClean.

AquaClean has proven its worth over and over again during successful in-situ trials throughout the world, across many different climatic conditions and applications.  There have also been highly successful third-party studies from universities, government authorities and other internationally recognised experts carried out in a further 15 countries across all applications.

Agricultural registrations for AquaClean that have been received, or are soon to be received include the European Union, Central America, the United States, Colombia, South Africa and many more.

BluePlanet SA is by no means resting on the laurels of the success AquaClean has brought this team determined to make a major difference to a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, they continue to pioneer new formulations by investing in the future development of leading edge technologies, designed to positively influence the course of global food production and a sustainable future.

AquaClean from BluePlanet SA offers a cost-effective, environmentally sound bacterial formulation that enhances the recycling process of nutrients and waste for applications which range from agriculture to environmental remediation, and at the rate with which global warming and environmental disasters are affecting every one of us, it is definitely time to take action!

If there is any way in which we can make a difference to the damage we have already done to our once pristine, beautifully blue planet, then it is up to every individual and every industry to make the effort required to effect meaningful changes, and AquaClean is just one very important step you can take, starting today!

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