BluePlanet SA plays a vital role in protecting the quality of water for a sustainable future.

AquaClean products from BluePlanet SA offer a treatment system that is versatile across many applications, offering a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-pathogenic product that complies with the strictest environmental regulations, and we hold firm to our belief that our products have the ability to effect positive changesforo the sustainability of our natural resources.

Effective for use in environmental cleanups of waterways that have been polluted with organic waste and enhancing the biological oxidation of organic compounds that are slow to degrade in lakes, lagoons and rivers, AquaClean is an environmentally friendly product that helps to restore the natural balance, vitality and stability of large natural bodies of open water.  AquaClean is invaluable for restoring aquatic life to add immense value to conservation and recreational activities.

The impact of climate change on the quantity and quality of water is of global importance, and the role that clean water plays in food security cannot be ignored, and it is the commitment of the team at BluePlanet SA to play a vital role in changing manner in which water quality is managed, whether it is in open bodies of water, municipal sewage plants or in effluent produced by industry, that has made us leaders in environmental solutions.

The role that AquaClean plays in aquaculture is to enhance water quality to increase the growth rates of fish and shrimp, offering an effective solution for cleaning organic waste problems and offering a very cost efficient  solution to alternative treatments, as well as improving the cost benefit with an increased yield and lower mortality rates.

In terms of water quality management, AquaClean will significantly reduce the build up of ammonia and nitrogen waste and reduces the need to top off by improving general water quality as well as helping to meet all important down-stream pollution requirements.

Innovation and a passion for the environment is the driving force behind the continual search by BluePlanet to pioneer new and sustainable formulations aimed at creating a world where environmental challenges are met head on to create a sustainable future that will benefit generations to come.

We invite you to contact us or to visit our website to view the future that BluePlanet SA has to offer a sustainable Africa.

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